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    hey my name is keith and i like to wear diapers. i also have a cardboard fetish so i like to sit in cardboard boxes for hours on end too. corrugated cardboard is the best and when i am wearing diapers i also sit in cardboard boxes

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    Hey Keith! Welcome aboard! How are you? Tell us a bit about you, like what do you like to do besides your cardboard fetish and your like for being padded.

    I like computers and games, and I work as a computer administrator. Of course, there is a world beyond cables and bits, so I also like photography and being in contact with mother nature.

    And, as a computer nerd, NO, I DON'T do sports xD


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    well I enjoy cardboard. I like computers but i also like the cardboard box computers come in. I am using a dell computer and the box it came in was a mix of multiple corrugated and uncorrugated layers.

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