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    I just registered and am starting my venture in these forums here. I can not say how active I will be and will most likely be more active in the next few weeks as I read and respond to threads that are maybe old to some of the active members yet still new to me.

    I have been incontinent since 1999 after be struck in the back at work from steel being moved by an overhead crane. Over the past ten years I have had other aliments that impeded into my life worsening my condition to the point that I need to wear diapers 24/7, which I struggle with this.

    I now feel that it is to the point where that where i am really starting to feel that the cards are stacked against me to ever over come the problems I currently experiencing.

    I will leave it at this for now and maybe go further into my impairments in threads as I go through some of the other threads and possibly try to find some better information(), instead of what the doctors are trying to feed me.

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