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    So basically I have no memories of being in diapers or of my potty training, and feel rather jealous of those of us who do. I read in a library book once that if you tell yourself what to dream about before you go to bed, you may be able to make it happen, because we really never forget, our memories are just stored away. I believe it recommended a step-by-step process in which you dream about yourself at younger and younger ages until you finally remember your birth. (I understand some of you may believe this is complete hogwash.) I know I did try it once or twice, I told myself to dream about my childhood and I did have a dream where I was younger. (I don't think it was an actual memory though, but who knows?) Has anyone ever tried it? I don't know what's holding me back from trying to remember my potty training, perhaps I might uncover something I wish I hadn't, or a dream about an accident might result in my first wet bed!

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    Its called Lucid Dreaming. I have really wanted to make it happen sometimes, i never really put in enough effort. If you want to start getting more control of your dreams, I have heard that the most effective thing to do is to start a dream journal. As soon as you wake up, write down anything that you can remember about what you dreamed. If you do, you are supposed to start remembering your dreams better, and then start to recognize that you are dreaming better, and then take control of them.

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    Do not force Lucid Dreaming on your subconcious. There is great value in raw dreams. Spoken from experience- I've had lucid dreams, and find I like more and more to just play along with the rules of the dream then trying to alter it.

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    Lucid dreaming is a tough thing to figure out. I haven't necessarily dabbled in it, but I am able to control what happens, but only within the confines of the setting and situation my dream throws me into. For example, if someone pulls a gun on me, I simply will "you have no ammo" when they fire, and nothing comes out.

    Anyway, lucid dreaming is complicated and difficult to pick up. Dreaming about repressed memories is also slightly questionable, since the subconscious can let you dream something that seems like a repressed memory, but might not even be one. Not to say it's impossible, it's just hard to tell for sure. And like you ruled out, your diaper days could be repressed due to a traumatic event and not age.

    And, from personal experience; I haven't wet my bed once, even when having a dream where I wet myself. I think for most people our age, it's imbrued strongly into our subconscious to not urinate while we sleep, even if you're diapered and are comfortable wetting yourself consciously while laying in your bed. So, I don't think you need to worry about wet beds while doing this.

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    Ahh, I don't think Kimba mentioned anything about going lucid! I think it's possible to have 'directed' dreams that are not lucid ... such as, "Tonight I want to dream about flying" or "I want to dream about being little" or "I want to dream about this person." There's a kind of knack to it, in my experience -- trying hard enough but not too hard; and then the topic you asked for may not be the main course for the night, either. It's definitely something I can do but it's a separate thing from lucidity for me.

    Dreams are a tricky and unpredictable thing! Especially if you're wound up about their particulars. "A watched pot never boils" and all that. Relaxation, fluidity, acceptance is the key -- patience, darling!

    As for the actual topic, I hadn't heard of such a thing, but it makes sense. Keep in mind, even if you have a (fictional) dream rather than a (real) memory, you'll still probably experience some relevant, powerful feelings related to the topic. And those feelings are certainly worth noticing and exploring even if you think (or know) that the literal content of the dream isn't true. (For instance, if you were never physically a boy and wet a diaper -- but the dream-experience of doing so is, obviously, still worth thinking about and investigating.) A dream is a legitimate EXPERIENCE when you dream it, even if it isn't an actual EVENT in waking life.

    Also I will say that any time I want to shape my dreams, or go lucid, a long lazy morning with several awakenings thrown in is my best bet. Each time I wake up and go back to sleep, I stay closer to the surface of consciousness, and then my dreams usually flow out of whatever I'm thinking about or fantasizing at the time. It may not go in the direction you expect, but if you have a really clear desire to experience these memories and/or dreams, I almost believe it can't help happening sooner or later. Good luck!

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    Yes, lucid dreaming wasn't really what I meant. I have experienced a few instances of it, most notably being in scary dreams and telling myself to wake up until I do.

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    I have never had a lucid dream, but I have had something similar. I call it a 'fantasy snooze'. I often go for naps at midday for an hour or so if I can, often diapered, and incorporating BDSM equipment.. and I drift in and out of a snooze and it seems to simulate my mind to go in a state of lucid dreaming. It is a little hard to describe.. yeah.

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