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    Question toddler foods

    anyone have some suggestions for good toddler foods. i tried baby food and did not like the texture so i want to try toddler foods now any suggestions.

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    Well, my favourites are the Sprout organic foods like the purees, yogurt bites (YUM!!) and the crispy chews. They're super healthy and also delicioso!
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    You could always put your normal food in the blender, I've done this many times, you get the consistence of baby food without the taste

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    thanks you guys those are good idias. i cant wait to try them.

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    You can also use small bite sized foods.
    Like small pieces of apples. Nibble on Cheerios.

    Have a look in stores for things for a toddler.
    Some things you can very easy make yourself cheaper.
    Or use that for similar ideas.
    Tho I do understand actual toddler food packs are fun to use.

    Juice boxes, or in a sippy cup are good too for toddler style.

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    The gerber puffs are soooo good! And the pouched stuff is really good too!

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    I agree on the gerber foods. But i like the taste of formula too, though my mommy doesn't like the taste or smell

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    I'm assuming you're over the other side of the Atlantic but Farley's Rusks might be a good one to try if you can get hold of them over there.

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    Baby Mum Mums are great, they are like soft little cakes , and the puffs are yummy too :]

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