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    I don't know if I'm a sissy or not. I know I love panties. Looking at them and wearing them. But I don't wear dresses or bras or any other girly stuff. While I have a few skinny jeans but that's kinda a fad now. I have tried on a bra once but didn't like it. So am I a sissy?

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    Only if you want to be.
    A good amount of guys wear panties, and never think of the sissy thing.

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    Ok. But in ur opinion would u think of it as a sissy thing? The other thing is I have been dieing to get some of those diaper covers with the ruffles on the back

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    I do not think so for just panties.
    That kind of diaper cover is just like having a panty over a diaper.

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    I like bras but they r so uncomfortable. Do u wear them?

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    I tried them twice, they were very uncomfortable to me too.
    I am not interested enough to go for a fitting tho for a proper sized one.
    Besides being way to embarrassed to do that, dun think it would go with the style I like.

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    Oh I went years ago at a adult sex store and got fitted. But it was still uncomfortable. I know I would wear baby diaper with prints girls or boys

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    Hey have u ever wet ur panties on perpouse

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    I only wet my panties a very little bit. But I also like to do a little bit of poo in my panties too.

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    Guess not much you can do about the bra.
    I usually like most printed diapers with cute designs, be it girl or boy style prints.
    As for wetting, I only do that in a diaper.

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