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Thread: Virus vs. tablets?

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    Default Virus vs. tablets?

    Got my wife a Galaxy tab 3 for Christmas. I/we don't do smartphones or cellular data, so this will be used exclusively over our home wifi, or possibly that of her employer (legitimate use - she won't get in trouble).

    I'm new to tablets and Android, so I'm not familiar with what's available.

    Is there a possible virus threat to Android machines? Should I be looking into antivirus software? If so, what kind?

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    If you do your updates... don't go into serious system modifications, there's really not much of a need for antivirus on a tablet.

    Albeit, there are of course a few viruses circulating.... and there's a bunch of av-protection software.

    Some devices come preloaded with that damn crap called "McAffee" though... which I'd throw far far away.

    Personally? no need.

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    Really not necessary as said above. I've got a number of Android devices which I've had for years. They get well used and I have never come across a virus. Sure there are some out there but it's not worth getting an AV for. They usually cause more trouble than they save you from.

    Just stick with apps downloaded from Google Play, steer clear of the obviously dodgy websites, and do software updates whenever they come out and you should be fine.

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    Thanks for the inputs. No, I have no intention of doing any mods. I'm mainly concerned because she's not very tech literate. She doesn't guite get concepts like 'dodgy' and 'URL', and even after all these years doesn't understand the difference between RAM and storage space. Turning on McAfee site advisor on her laptop has helped a lot - I used to have to disinfect and reorganize her computer every couple months. She still can't find anything she downloads or saves without putting it on the desktop, but that's not really MY problem.

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    you should not need it unless you like downloading 3rd party apps not from the playstore, but for me i just got AVGfree for mine. i like AVGfree mostly because it comes with free anti theft, witch includes tracking, locking, "shout" and also the option to wipe all data if need be.

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    There are tons of malwares on Android but they are typically found through apps. The way to stay safe is to stick to reputable marketplaces and to only download reputable apps.

    An anti-virus on a tablet isn't something I'd recommend. The best defense by far is to be careful with what you download.

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    My wife's Ipad was acting strangely, and I found it very easy to re-format it. I sent everything into the cloud and downloaded it after the formatting. I'm not sure how Androids re-format.

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    Android is just as easy. And you really don't have to worry that much. Keep it up today and like stated download from trusted application developers.

    There's always a risk no matter what format your working on. Any time you use you credit card it's at risk, look at target. That was done in store. Just play it smart and you'll be safe.

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    i use Avast on everything i have but honestly my tablet and sometimes phone is shared with a 8 year old and 4 year old and Free apps don't ask for password so i have actually found viruses on them from time to time but once again thats just from kids not knowing what they are downloading.

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