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Thread: Sissy names

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    Default Sissy names

    I'm having a real time of trying to come up with one. The feminine version of my actual name is pretty enough, but it's not "me". There are various characters in books and TV that I gravitate toward but probably not deeply enough to commit to one of those identities. I suppose the real trouble is that there are so many potential good names it would be hard to pick one.

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    I think it's nice to have a name because it gives you a bit of an identity. But in the meantime, I think it's OK to try on different names when you regress. You can try one name one day, another name another day, and see if one sticks. I did that for a while, although I stumbled on Matilda fairly quickly (as you've mentioned, a book character I really related to).

    Try on names like dresses til you find one that fits. And be sure to tell us when you find one!

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    Give us hints as to what you might like and maybe we can help. Mopadded = Maureen? Mopadded=Patti? Patricia?

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    Only you can decide this. You must feel the name on the inside, go deep and find it.

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    I do not really now what you think is "feminine" when it comes to names but if I could interject that maybe more of an "elegant" name would be a good way you could try when discerning a short list you may have. For example; I personally always thought the name Elizabeth is elegant for some reason.

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    Well, mines Nichol. Its from the character in concessions comics. I relate to Matt and Nichol and many friends describe be as like 70% Nichol and 30% Matt. Plus my fursona is a skunk so it really fits. Just find one that fits your personality.

    I feel like everyone should have the option to pick a name. Just at twenty-five pick one.

    If srs was better I would at least attempt to change. Nichol would be my name.

    Just pretend your deciding what you're name will be, or pretend your picking a name for a baby girl, just reflect on whatever name you come up with.

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    one idea is to find letters you like, and sounds, and look for names that start or end with that. Tons of sites with huge listings and meanings. I find the letter a to often be feminine sounding. Though j is a good fem letter as well. I rp on forums daily so finding names that click is something i do often.

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    I've always liked the names Courtney and Emily

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