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Thread: Punishment Roleplay: Being Spanked to Tears

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    Default Punishment Roleplay: Being Spanked to Tears

    In just over a month, my best friend / significant other will be here on vacation, and we want to role play with each other. My role play involves being punished with diapers. Initially, as the bratty little brother, I'm gonna disobey and sneak off to the bathroom.

    Long story short, my misbehavior is going to get me spanked, and I'd like for it to be to tears.

    Ideally, he'd spank me until I'm crying, pause, and then tell me to count the last 10.

    My question is, is this safe? Newbie guides I've searched for say to start slow, with 20 or less hits. I'm not 100 percent sure of my pain threshold is, but I think I'd be crying before or as its reached.

    Any advice?

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    It's always a good idea to have a safeword. If you start to feel as if you can't take it anymore, whether you're already in tears or not, say it. Talk to your partner about this: communication, communication, communication!

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    Yeah. We're on the fence about a safe word, because it is supposed to be punishment, and it is supposed to hurt, just as if I was a child being spanked.

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    Even so, it is still roleplay. If you're doing anything related to BDSM, you need a safeword, period.

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    Understood. I just don't want to accidentally use it too soon.

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    Just keep in mind to only use it if you've reached a limit. Safewords exist so you don't 1. Get so injured that you'll need serious medical help or 2. Die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maritime View Post
    Even so, it is still roleplay. If you're doing anything related to BDSM, you need a safeword, period.
    I agree with this.

    One has to be exceptionally careful about respecting "limits".

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    I think the idea of a safe word is a good one. If either party feels that things are getting out of hand, the word can be used to cool things down. Maybe an agreement that if the word is used, the roleplay is placed on hold for a minimum amount of time. The word and time should be agreed upon prior to the roleplay.

    As Maritime has said, communication, both before and during, is essential. Rules and boundaries agreed upon up front.

    Please be safe and enjoy your time together.

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    Yeah, I like the idea of just pausing the scene and making sure we're both okay, allowing out of character dialogue for a few moments.

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    I've been into bdsm since the 80's...

    You need a safe word...period!

    But, there isn't anything from getting a different punishment if you use the safe word...

    Ex. If you use the safe word, no dinner, or two days no sex, or castor oil, or broccoli smoothie with sardines...

    It's a way to keep the safe word for what's its be safe...

    With partners if I used a safe word,I'd for sure get some teasing if they felt it was unnecessary...but, the very few time it's been was indeed needed...

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