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    I'm one of few lucky AB/DL's to have an accepting significant other, and am curious if anyone else might have a similar story to tell. Anyway, to get to the point, I am currently being forced to stay away from my family, (for reasons I'd rather not discuss here). As a result of the situation, I have been extra stressed the last few days. Normally I drown my stress with alcohol, but due to the circumstances am trying to abstain. So, I messaged the wife today and asked if she could leave a bag of my good "purple boxers" (Total Dry X-Plus) in the back alley of our home for me to pick up later. I simply explained that my diapers will help me relax without turning to the booze. She was more than happy to do that for me and knew exactly what I meant when I said purple boxers. We have had these code words about my diapers for years, since we have small children, and it's difficult, if not impossible, to discuss them without little ears listening in. It's worked perfectly for us, and no one has even bothered to ask what I was referring to when I said purple boxers, if even anything other than underwear. It's neat in that we can discuss my desires around almost anyone, and no person is the wiser. Anyone else done something similar?

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    Really, no one else has anything to add? I thought I was bringing forward a topic that others could relate to. Funny, as much as the people on this forum try to make us feel less like "freaks", I'm losing hope...

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    Nope, I don't live at home so no codewords. Its my place and if my woman doesn't like it I'll kick her out. She'll come back when she gets hungry and after a slight punishment I will let her sleep in the basement.

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    Mr. Aurkarm and some of his friends that were in the know used to refer to "bubble gum."

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    I found that sign language works, unless others aroud understand sign language.

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    We don't have do that. But then again my kids are 2 and 4. When they become a little older and more savvy....

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    Hmmm...well, my BF and I aren't around strangers or family enough to necessitate special vocabulary.

    However, now that you mention it, it sounds like it could add a lot of fun!
    Not to mention, of course, the need for keeping it quiet when necessary.

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