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Thread: Diaper connisuer?

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    Default Diaper connisuer?

    Not sure if I spelled the name correctly but, has anyone ordered from them? If so how did the package look when it showed up? How was the packing quality? etc? etc?

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    I've bought a few diapers from this seller before and the packaging it arrived in had no mentions of what was inside the package or mention of the words diaper on the outside. The packaging quality to me was amazing. The diapers I bought from him were two Bambino diapers with a custom tape tab and the were packaged together in bubble wrap nice and secure so nothing could be damaged. The first time I got my package he includes a business card with his name on it and I thought that was so cool. So all in all I think he's a great person to buy from. Plus the prices I think seem resonable

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    I browsed their website and most of the brands listed in the "imported" category are not available.

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