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Thread: Wearing diapers to bar?

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    Default Wearing diapers to bar?

    Have you ever worn diapers to a bar/club? I've been thinking of doing that, but don't know whether I should do it. It would be so much easier to just sit down and wet wherever you are, not having to run to the toilet all the time. Are you more likely to get caught in such place(I don't go to bars that often)? So please, share me your thoughts!

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    Your only likely to get caught if you wet too much and it leaks or you drink too much and flaunt it. Being discreet is always top priority. Black slacks help to hid tell tell signd of leakage. Being self confident helps not draw attention to yourself or the diapers. Most people dont give you a second look and most people forget shortly afterwards unless they dwell on it. Ive worn diapers everywhere for years and no one has ever said a word to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDriver View Post
    Have you ever worn diapers to a bar/club? I've been thinking of doing that, but don't know whether I should do it. It would be so much easier to just sit down and wet wherever you are, not having to run to the toilet all the time. Are you more likely to get caught in such place(I don't go to bars that often)? So please, share me your thoughts!
    I've never done it before. But I think it might be a hard thing to do, unless you aren't going to stay long. If you are there for an extended period of time, and you try to change, someone is going to see / hear it.

    Most of the bars that I've been too before, aren't the cleanest in the bathrooms. Guys get a bit to drink and they loose the ability to aim and it gets all over the floor and everything. So I'd advise not trying to change in a bar.

    But if you plan on just going for a couple of hours, and plan on leaving and changing somewhere else, I don't see a problem with it. As long as you get someone else to drive you home, or get a taxi.

    Just be careful. After a few drinks, you might not take proper care to make sure that your diaper isn't showing.

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    While it sounds appealing at first thought you have to keep in mind that if you wet it you need to sit in it until you change. This is the mains reason when I wear out I usually just end up using the toilet anyway.

    If you go out you need to make sure of a few things.
    1. Know your diaper. If you're going to be going out padded and you plan on using and not getting caught you need to know your everything you can about your padding, within reason. Know how thick your diaper is, how much in crinkles, how much it can hold, how high it is on your back, if the tapes wear out after a while, if you can wet it string or if you have to stand, how uncomfortable it is or isn't after going, how long before you need to change, etc.

    2. Know your clothes. Like the padding, knowing the clothes are essential. Are the pants too tight for the diaper, does it show, is the bulge obvious, does the diaper peek above the waist, would a leak be really clear, do they cover the crinkle, how easy could you change, etc. Knowing your clothes and padding should keep you out of an awkward situation.

    3. Lastly, and this shouldn't be a problem but it's something to keep in mind, know the place and people. Know where the bathrooms are of the bar, how clean they are, if you could change if need be, how dark is it in-case you leak, how loud is the music to cover the crinkle,how far from your car are you, how close are people going to be to you. As for the people this is only something to keep in mind, not really something to plan for. Some people get a tad belligerent when they drink, so keep an eye out. If it's a quiet place and the guy behind you is wasted and sees the fringe peeking out he may not be so subtle about it.

    Hope this helps. Ultimately wearing in public is up to you, but just remember to keep the right attitude abut it. The easiest way for someone to notice you're padded is to be looking as if you're trying to hide something, because then they begin looking for what you're hiding. If you look normal it doesn't really alone give people a reason to look twice.

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    I've worn to bars loads, it is very convenient. If you know you are only going for a few hours, and know the brand and how much it holds and how it holds up there is no problem. Nobody has ever known I was wearing under my jeans.

    As for a club, it would be great but I'd be a bit worried about being searched on my way in. Airport security doesn't phase me, but this is a bit different.

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    I agree with blob. It can be very convenient.
    I usually wear Tena Slips (Super or Maxi) instead of my usual Drynites, they hold very well and I don't need a change. And as it's often dark, there is little chance to get caught even with such diapers.

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    Thanks for advice everyone. I think it might be a bit too risky for me(atleast wearing adult diapers), but I don't know maybe someday I will try. But I might wear some drynites or underjams. They're quite discreet and comfortable.

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    I wear 24/7 and wear to mcmenamins bar all the time. I don't flaunt it I don't go to great lengths to hide it. I'm just me. My bladder is way to over active. If I fill up my diaper I change it. I dare someone to say something about my underwear. I'm courteous and professional. But I do what I need to do. If someone bends over and their hairy ass crack and underwear are hanging out, that's much more offensive, but I don't say anything. Don't like what you see turn away that's the beauty of it. I will not be paranoid to wear diapers or out in public and neither should any of you? Why are you and why is this thread being posted? Be proud of who you are but respectful and courteous!

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    Most bars and clubs are usually darkish anyway so someone would be doing well to pick up on the fact that you are padded.
    As others have said, they arent the sort of place usually where you could just change if needed (I know I wouldnt like to, too dirty and smelly!)
    Having said that im usually always padded at my local, I know everyone there by name, (they all know me by name but call me pup :3 ) and where most of them live because I often drive some of them home at the end of the night and no one has ever said a word to me!
    A few times I have forgot to move my packs of diapers before ppl hop into the car and realised afterwards, oops!

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    I have a restaurant with a bar. I can tell you normal people do some very weird things after just a couple drinks. Its not unusual for prudish modest housewives to show off intimately placed tattoos to everyone, or people to confess they love sheep in ways that make other people uncomfortable to have heard. =>.>=
    Every now and then someone gets drunk enough to forget where they are and starts to take off their cloths.

    Secret lifestyle + Alcohol = bad

    On the other paw, I am up here >12 hours a day and padded 24X7. I've had my tail grabbed a few times, and gotten some weird looks from the pervs who got a handful of nappy, but otherwise its a non issue.

    Just be sure you act normal and keep good judgement when drinking, and that you wear cloths that cover your waist line well if you drop your wallet or keys and have to bend over in front of that hot guy/girl who wants to stare at your butt.

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