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    Hi there,

    I'm currently studying again after a long time; I was dismissed from my job on the grounds of ill health so I'm doing a one year course to prepare me for a BSc in Dietetics at university. Diet, nutrition, health and the rapid rise in obesity and diabetes is my passion and I'd either like to help people lose fat, teach healthy eating and create a sustainable diet for them or maybe work in sports dietetics. I have been weight training for 7 years and have gained scores of pounds of muscle and collectively lost hundreds of pounds of my own body fat.
    I began teaching myself to cook from The French Laundry cookbook some 8 years ago and practiced meals on my friends. I trialled at 2 Michelin starred kitchens but very quickly found that the work did not suit my personality. I'm too 'civilised' to be a chef and left very soon.

    I hope to find some support in acceptance of my adult baby life and help in finding a balance so that it doesn't cross over into the real world.

    It's very difficult for me to reconcile the helpless little baby in me who wants nurtured and cared for with no responsibilities and being the best man I can be. I try to live by and learn from books like No More Mr Nice Guy, Hang on to Your N.U.T.S and Carlos Xuma's Alpha Male guide, whose advice is very practical and sensible and not like that cheesy PUA scene stuff.

    Thanks for reading,


    Oh and in case you don't know, I adore my blankie.

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    Hello BlankieLover and welcome to the group.

    This is a very interesting introduction. I think you might find the "Foodie" group to be something of interests.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Thanks and hello. Cheffing is much too stressful. Most of the chefs I've known from serving in restaurants for 8 years are heavy smokers, drinkers and drug users. I've yet to see a head chef beyond his 40's. I'd much rather be in a less stressful job and in my nappies, tights, dress and cuddling blankie when I get home at 5pm like most normal jobs.

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