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    just recently i've started sharing a house with my soon to be wife (whos on the fence about the whole adult baby side of things.)
    anyway after many unsuccessful requests for her to mother me a bit more regularity i'd pretty much given up asking
    untill one morning a few weeks back when i'm woken up by her stroking my hair and bring me a bottle of warm milk and talking to me soothingly. of course i was initially caught completely off guard by this since its a very very rare occurrence for her to do something like this when i asked her the reason behind it she said that i'd done such a decent job with helping her get over her initial fears about moving in with me.
    although i was hoping being woken up like this would become a daily occurrence no such luck i'm afraid i put it down to the fact that we've both been stressed and tired over xmas (any tips on make my beautiful wifes life easier and less stressful people?) hopefully with a bit of luck this won't be a one time only thing ^^

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    I'll not write an article on stress, but a bullet point on this experience.

    Having been married and in a similar situation I'd advise taking the experience as is. It was a wonderful, and loving gesture which should become a treasured memory. This should not become a riddle to determine what actions cause a repeat performance, lest your relationship become a cause and effect payment based system.

    Also, as much as you want this to become a daily ritual, this may not be a comfortable experience for her just yet. I overdid it when I was married and drained my exwife in the process. Be grateful and thankful but not to excess, lest she feel this role is more valuable in your eyes than other aspects of the relationship. Focus on her and all she does to make your life a richer and fuller existence.

    In my experience, as you strive to make her feel special, unique, and valued, she will invest more of herself in you and your relationship. That may or may not include more mothering, but should include a richer, fuller marital bond which is more valuable in the long term.

    Congratulations and good luck on building your future together,

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