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Thread: bought some for the first time today

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    Default bought some for the first time today

    waited till late to go to riteaid, and just bought there brand, still havnt tried them yet though!

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    Great! The first time is always the most exciting and it sounds like you went pretty straight forward with no distractions, though I'm sure you were nervous all the same.

    Though I really want to tell you know...IF YOU HAVE TO HIDE THEM please, please, don't put them under your bed, in the bathroom, in your clothes drawers (idk how you other members do it). Otherwise, if you're living on your own then take a moment to appreciate your independence!

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    Buying them is a huge step forward.
    Welcome to ADSIC as well.

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    Congrats i just started purchasing some again. I got some free samples from the tena under ware were cool. try them out. very discret, and i ordered some from xp medical. the word is they are discret too. good luck and welcome fellow nebie. there is a thread on free samples on this site i came across. like walmart offers free samples of goodnites

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