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Thread: Tena... or Bambino?

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    Default Tena... or Bambino?

    Hey adisc,

    First off, merry christmas (or happy holidays)!!!!
    Second well its time for me to stock up again, and I can't pick. I wanted to try the Tena Slip Maxi basically since i graduated from baby diapers (early abdl phases etc) and for the longest time they were my number 1 choice but always out of stock. I like that it's thin because i have been using m4 and moli super+ lately which are so thick! And also I hear they will be gone soon darn cloth backing!

    I'm also curious about bambino, another brand I haven't tried. I really like the print because i havent tried using adult baby diapers yet. Also i hear they perform so well... but then so does the tena. I like the classico print the best so it would probably be that.

    Help me pick, everyone!!
    What are they like with looks, feel, performance, sound, just WHY DO YOU LIKE ONE MORE?

    P.s. i could maayyybe buy both but it might (might not) hurt my wallet down the road a bit.

    Thanks to you in advance!

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    Happy Holidays ^_^

    I like M4, I got those from bambino's when they had a cyber Monday sell.
    Tho I really prefer teddies.
    They are absorbent, soft, and from my personal experience, hold up longer.

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    Tena, hands down. If you've never tried it, do so while they are still plastic backed. They're the best adult diaper out there in my opinion.

    Totally worth it. You can't go wrong either way, but I say Tena.

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    I've tried both. The Tenas are good--absorbent, especially for how thin they are. Another plus (or a minus, depending on preference) is that they are quieter and crinkle less. The leg elastics are a little weak, especially on the leak guards; I tend to have a few broken elastics when changing. The tapes are tiny, but actually do hold well.

    Both have a refasten-able taping panel that functions well. The panel is thinner and matte on the Tenas, which I find more comfortable than the thick shiny plastic Bambino uses.

    The Bambinos (Classico, Bianco, Teddy) are a bit thicker, hold about the same or a little more, are noisier, and have more robust leg and leak guard elastics. The deciding factor for me between the two is the lining. The Bambinos are exceptionally soft; as in: something disposable should not feel this soft. But it does. And it's amazingly comfy. The Tenas unfortunately have this mesh liner that just feels kinda rough by comparison. It's not terrible, but it's an odd feeling, almost like mesh lined swim trunks. Although, I do really like how thin and quiet the Tenas are and, ultimately, you can't go wrong with either.

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    Hi timidlythinking.

    Well, as they say - variety is the spice of life...

    As it is Christmas, I would say get a few different products ordered. You say that it is time stock up, so I guess you plan to buy more than just one pack.

    Order. Wear. Use. Enjoy!

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    I'm gonna have to say tenas but that's cause I've tried those and not bambinos yet

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    Another vote for Tena, but being in the UK I've never tried Bambinos. I suspect they would be too thick for my preference (I find M4s too bulky). And I'm not concerned about them going cloth; I already use Tena Flex and they're cloth-backed already, and they're absolutely the best and most reliable cloth-backed nappies I've ever used.

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    I've tried the Tenas once. Never again. The lining is too rough, tapes are too small, and they are paper thin. I can get the same performance for less than half their cost with other brands.

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