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Thread: How many people have their ears pierced

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    Default How many people have their ears pierced

    I finally got my ears pierced today, I am curious who else has gotten it done being trans* and from a conservative family this a rather bold step to take as far as they are concerned. We will be at grandma's this evening though so nobody will dare pick a fight. stradegy.

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    I have my ears and eyebrow pierced :3 my whole family already knows about my transition so it's no big deal

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    Not both ears, only left growing up in the 80's it was the norm

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    safe now for church tonight.
    mom loved the tattoo I got her for christmas aswell.
    Still though male clothes etc... for christmas not huge they have only known 4 months and would have liked them to adapt quicker but no shouting or name calling etc is an okay day to me.
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    Not trans tho I do have both ears pierced on the normal lobes spot.
    Just normal size for me.
    Not going to get gauges. I just have small ring/hoop kind.

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    Not trans but one ear my left I think...yes my left, is peirced. Since I was 10ish. My cousin was going to get his done my mom asked if I wanted to, thought about it for a minute and said why not. Simple as that. Though I never wear anything in it anymore. The hole is still there.

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    Had both ears pierced in July of 1981. Yes the normal for straight guys was the left one and if gay the right one - sort of like the Hawaiian lei girl with a plumeria flower worn to indicate if she was available/seeking right ear or betrothed/taken left ear.
    So at this point if both ears were pierced then obviously the person was a mixed up cross dresser - I would digress and just say that I was 'BI' at the time and cross dressing had nothing to do with as I had no interest in dressing like the opposite sex.
    So having both ears pieced - Aye was not a pirate and could not play one but I did run into some interesting encounters with my employer and using airline pass benefits aka 'Not meeting the dress code standards for travel'! Initially you could be
    discriminated for wearing earrings but later with laws and times changing 'equal rights' the wearing of the earrings could not be held against you - but it did make it difficult to get a job or wanting to have a service done. In the early 90's I had two
    more holes punched so that I could have studs over rings or two sets of rings. Since the turn of the century I rarely wear earrings since my interests have gone to wearing kilts and short skirts and wearing earrings just makes for odd explanations.

    Long story short - men boys wearing earrings is now such a "NON-EVENT" but go ahead and make your day and enjoy the thrill of doing something a wee bit risky - only real hang up is the parental permission requirement for the piercing parlors to
    install the starter studs.
    Oh and one thing further - since you are paying for a pair of piercings get both done or work out an arrangement to get the other pierced at no cost later !

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    I thought about it when I was in high school way back when...but didn't...

    Then later it wasn't an option...wouldn't have fit into my working maybe...someplace unseen...but that's about it...

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    I'm not trans (I'm a biological female), but my mother had my ears pierced when I was a baby. At 15 I had two more piercings in one ear. However, I rarely wear earrings, my long hair covers my ears anyway, and I think the hole in the top of my ear closed up.

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    I was born a girl and I have three black rings on my right ear when I'm on stage with my band or some small and casual earrings on both ears when I'm going out for the night. Otherwise I only have my belly button pierced, tho' I'd really like to wear the black rings at work some day, they just doesn't look good with my uniform.

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