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Thread: Baby diapers with smaller 'size' down below

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    Default Baby diapers with smaller 'size' down below

    Hello everyone,

    I was just wondering whether the majority of forum users prefer to wear baby diapers or adults ones.

    Would this preference have a correlation between the size of our 'junk' below as to the preference of adults and baby ones.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I wish I know if I could wear size 7 pampers. Mu self I'm kinda skinny. But I love the baby prints and I would feel babish. But I wear tranquility ATN briefs unsted. Idk if I would even fit in underjams or pull ups xl
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    This is the first (and thankfully, probably the only) time I'd say this, but the reason for going away from those lovely Pampers Nappies was because it was really "uncomfortable" on me. The adult nappies fit me better and, if I do it right, make me feel more babyish anyway, since they envelop me a bit more.

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    I'm 6'3", 215 pounds. Baby diapers simply aren't an option. Nothing to do with my size down there, they just don't fit.

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    I'm going to let you know that, like above, most people don't wear baby diapers because, to put it simply, they're not the size of a baby anymore. Granted, four years ago, I could wear Pampers diapers with ease. However, my thigh size grew, and that's that.

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    This definitely has a factor in my situation. I'm right on the edge of being able to fit into a size 7 pampers, but that isn't happening if I even get the slightest hint of blood flow down there. But more importantly, I can't really wet a baby diaper without it falling off right away. So if I can't wet a diaper, I don't find very much joy in wearing it. And like indianajones said, sometimes the big adult diapers can make you feel babyish because they fit you just like a baby diaper would fit a baby. That's one of the reasons I like cloth backed diapers. It reminds me of wearing a baby diaper since they're all cloth backed now.

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