View Poll Results: Why do you wear diapers?

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  • Diapers are a turn on- they are sexual to me.

    129 53.75%
  • Diapers are a comfort item only- I get no sexual pleasure from them.

    51 21.25%
  • I am incontinent- however one or more of the above apply to me.

    32 13.33%
  • Some other reason (please explain)

    28 11.67%
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Thread: Poll: Why do you wear diapers? (18+)

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    Default Poll: Why do you wear diapers? (18+)

    I keeping this short but sweet.. For some people diapers are sexually or erotic, but for others it is just an underwear choice. Out of curiosity.. I want to know what you get out of diapers. Thanks!

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    I had to put other. I'm incontinent but the reason I'm here is to try to find something else besides need.

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    It is none of the above.
    It might turn "sexual" but that is not a turn on reason. It is a comfort, but that is not the only reason. I do have prostate issues, but it has not gone to full IC yet. However they are also therapeutic for stress relief.

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    I voted. I am incontinent- however one or more of the above apply to me. And the other one above will be this one. Diapers are a comfort item only- I get no sexual pleasure from them. When I was in my 20's Diapers are a turn on- they are sexual to me but not anymore. I use diapers now to keep me dry and comfort so I won't have a leaky wet mess.

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    Its a little of both there a little sexual but most is the confort of my little self.
    I feel we all very to what we are into them for.

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    I'm IC, So I wear for need and the comfort it gives me to have a normal life.

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    I could have indicated 'all of the above' if the second choice wasn't restricted to comfort ONLY. Leave out that word and the part about no sexual pleasure (gasp), them the rest is all good with me!

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    (Well this opens up a can of worms).

    I honestly don't know. I remember as a kid I took up an interest in wearing after seeing my sister dress up her dolls in clean hand me downs all the time. So maybe that has something to do with it.

    I know one thing for sure, it wasn't out of sexual interests at the time, it felt like more of a need out of a maternal instinct (think that's the right word) rather than anything else.

    It wasn't tell later on in life when I became more sexually active I found myself more attracted to them.

    And now, that I have been indulging in them and the community for the last few months, I don't even have an interest in them, really.

    So much shame.
    So much confusion.
    So much guilt.
    So much wow...

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    You should be able to select more than one or have combined options. I like diapers for sexual turn-on and comfort, so the poll really doesn't have a good option for me.

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