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Thread: Christmas Travel and Diaper Firsts

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    Today I was driving from South Carolina to Virginia and about halfway through, I got the sudden urthere diaper up. I didparked way e any with I got off the interstate and had to use the GPS to find a store. I found a Rite-Aid bought a pack of Depends Max, what a rush lol, I was in the back ervously excited and swiped my card wrong. I felt like the folks in line were like "omg this dude with the diapers is holding us up." But I didnt get bothered by it. Next was putting it on.

    I got back on 95 and only a few exits up was a rest stop. I went around back where the trucks park, there were only 2, and parked way away from them. I got in the backseat and taped up, this was my first do-up in a car..yay for me. Now it gets hairy. Sure enough and I kid not, as I sat up in the backseat, a state trooper doing a ride through drove by. He did this at the precise moment he rodr by. He jerked his neck and whipped back around. I hurried up taping and put my pants back on. By this point he was parked behind my car. Well, coincidentally when i diapered up, I set the whole bag of Depends up in the rear window to make space...I was sure he saw it.

    I got out of the car, kicked my leg to adjust the diaper and adjusted the waist. He was in the car with his window down. He asked me if everything was alright, and standing next to the window with the open bag of Depends, I just said "had to make a pit stop" and kinda looked at my diapers. He just said "alright, thanks." And left. MY HEART WAS POUNDING! I wasn't worried about playing it off because of the "evidence" but boy was it another thrill on a new level being caught in this position. Whew. It sounds unreal. But I assure y'all...true story.

    Now im driving...I've done some wetting and am going to stop at another rest area and change, just because I can AND it'll be my first time doing that as well. I've also still got the Depends up in the back window for whoever looks to see. I figure with the amount if traffic, not too many ppl will notice. And if they do...oh well, pass me and stare.

    Ha! Well I just wanted to share my day full of firsts. Since im feeling so brave, im really excited for my change. I'll update my reflection of that experience after I do it.

    Update: I did end up stopping for my change, though before that, I had to buy some powder and wipes. I did all of this in the soaked Depend, adding to it the whole time. I traveled to the next rest area which was totally empty except for two workers standing outside. I still went for it. While in the stall, somebody walked in as I was pulling the front up. He went about his business and I proceeded with the tapes. I put the old diaper in a bag, threw it away and walked out carrying my little package of wipes and powder.

    A very liberating day
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    Sounds thrilling! Glad everything worked out okay. I often drive in just my diapers and a shirt, and I find it to be very liberating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinobaby View Post
    Sounds thrilling! Glad everything worked out okay. I often drive in just my diapers and a shirt, and I find it to be very liberating.
    until you get pulled over and asked to step outside of the vehicle

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    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    until you get pulled over and asked totep outside of the vehicle
    Amen to that! Lol. I was terrified that the cop was going to approach the car while I was in the back seat still pantsless...that would've been awkward in the least.

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    I always pad up for travel. But with better diapers, my seat would be soaked with depends.

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