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    Hello everyone, my name is Cody. I live in las vegas with my best friend/daddy Phil. I've been on a lot of the other sites for years now but newish to this one. You can find me under the same user I.D. everywhere. Anyway, just having some down time while visiting the family in missouri and figured I'd try'n meet some new friends. Feel free to send me a message and relieve some of my boredom :P

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    Hi; happy to hear from you Say hi to Daddy from me! I also have accounts elsewhere (Alberta furs, Fetlife, Daily Diapers, to name a few) but this is my main site. Adisc is a busy place, and we always get new content A long time ago I used to read all the new posts on here, every day, but that just isn't possible any more. Especially in this busy Christmas season. So hello from me, and we'll see you around

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    Will do. I'm enjoying reading some new stuff on here. Nice to meet you

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    Alright! Here's your "official" welcome! What is it like living in Las Vegas? What is your favorite casino?

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    Vegas is great. My interests mostly involve the mountains surrounding vegas. Lots of great outdoor activities southern nevada and the surrounding states have to offer. Not big on casinos but I do love buffets and the one we frequent the most is Red Rock Casino. We are both foodies so always trying new places to eat. Vegas is foodie heaven!

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    Welcome I to live in Vegas so nice to here from a vegan 😄

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    Hey Cody, great introduction I, too, am a foodie but sadly live in Cincinnati - not exactly foodie heaven. There is a massive grocery store here called Jungle Jims that has every international food under the sun, so maybe I can imagine I am in Vegas - not! Welcome to the site. How long have you been with your friend/partner? How long have you been into diapers? Merry Christmas and I hope to get to hear more about you.


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