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Thread: Anyone interested in a meetup in Seattle?

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    Default Anyone interested in a meetup in Seattle?

    Is there any ab/dl's in the Seattle are who would ever be interested in meeting up as a group like at a Denny's or something who are into the ab/dl life and role play like myself?

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    I know there are some members in that area of the country; might be a group for that sort of thing

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    I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure explicit arrangement is against the rules on here. Once again, might be (pretty sure). Just a heads up.

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    There are a lot of babyfurs up there but this is not a meet up site there are rules about how to go about it .
    In the EC part of this site.

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    I'd be down to go to dennys, i know a few people that would be

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    As others have already stated this forum does not allow meet ups. Please read the rules and refrain from posting these...

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