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    I'm currently on a trip right now with my fiancÚ Thomas (tkuk on here) and I've noticed something odd in any of our visits. I bring diapers and onesies and sleepers and all other sorts of baby stuff and we barely use half of it. We change each other a bit, but we just never act out some of the fantasies lots of people imagine. No day long baby days or public embarrassment. Not because we are opposed to it, but simple because we're not thinking about it. I mean, I nearly wore a Spider-Man footie to a crowded store, but in the end I just wasn't interested enough. Just an odd observation and wondered if anyone else had experienced this.

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    I'm the same way with pretty much everything. Always build up hype just to end up losing interest when the opportunity arises... wonder why that happens?
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    not had the chance to find out. My only current fantasy is for someone to care about my little side, irl or via internet does not matter. As that has yet to happen, i have no answer.

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    Default Fantasy vs. Reality

    It is possible to only have something be exciting in fantasy. For example, a lot of people fantasize about having threesome but very few people are willing to go through with it. It's normal to have a fantasy that you don't very much care to physically fulfill

    It's also possible for your mind to revert to a more comfortable moment in your mind that will cause you to feel like you are no longer interested because the particular situation makes you nervous or afraid, so your mind begins to wander and lose interest to justify the incompletion of the task, but then afterwards you feel upset or unfulfilled because you either consciously or subconsciously couldn't go through with it.

    I've felt like that before and I "lose interest" too, but what I do to go through with it is just remember that I wanted to do it regardless of whether or not I currently feel like doing it, and afterwards (sometimes almost immediately) I regain interest. It's generally a subconscious fear.

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    Well I guess some things are looking better in the head-space...
    in that "virtuality" you shape your own world - you imagine how things are, should be, will be - etc... the mind is powerful - far more powerful than most will ever grasp....

    So when day X comes and you would actually put some stuff out there - outside of it's protected virtual head space - well I guess a lot of factors will influence whether you actually do it, whether you'd actually enjoy it, etc...

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    I think fantasy is always different than reality. In fantasies, we can sort of "clean things up" to make them "perfect", but reality is a bit more...well, real than that. Not to get too adult here, but if you've ever read a romance novel or seen an X-rated film and then compared that to what actually happens in the bedroom...they're completely different. Romance novels don't talk about the awkward bits or the weird noises or things like that, and yet there they are in reality, being all...strange.

    So I think there are things we fantasize about in our heads because in our heads we can make them perfect. A lot of us, for instance, have fantasies about being babied in public -- but only because we can control the reactions of those who witness it while in our own heads. We fantasize about being humiliated, but being the "right kind" of humiliated, not the kind that gets cops called for public indecency or gets us sent to psychiatrists because so many people still see what we do as some kind of mental defect. In reality, most of us who fantasize about being babied in public would absolutely never go out with a paci in while wearing a clearly showing diaper or something like that because the reality isn't controllable like the fantasy is.

    So...I don't think it's strange at all. Fantasies are fantasies for a reason.

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