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Thread: If it was possable: Would you buy a ABDL diaper at the store if they make them

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    Question If it was possable: Would you buy a ABDL diaper at the store if they make them

    Hi everyone. MC from FurAffinity here!

    I had this idea quite about two months back about this question: "Would ABs and DLs people buy abdl diapers if the store stocked them(means the store has its own abdl diaper brand to go with their diaper products.

    The diaper im going to pitch in two months to wallgreens is a specitalty design adult diaper that's being marketed as a premium specialty briefs with animal designs with cloth like cover and velcro.

    So whats your thoughs and would you like the idea of a adult diaper that has animal prints but you can buy it at the store instead of online.
    Some animals I considered are : Dogs ,Cats,Dragons,Foxes,Girraffes and some of these prints are based on the diaper size is another consideration I have as well.

    So Nah or Yah on a adult diaper with animal prints you can buy at stores like Walgreens?

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    If the value is there, but I'm not paying more just for design/appearance. The first consideration is about performance: does the diaper absorb and hold? The second, for me, is cost. Appearance comes after those two.

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    I would buy them but not if they were cloth backed, gotta be plastic

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    There's nothing wrong with AB diapers, just like there's nothing wrong with pornography. But a shop for the general public is unlikely to want to display items that might "confuse and alienate" their customer base with something that a lot of people wouldn't understand or might consider distasteful.

    The profit margins are also going to be very tight for supermarkets (I assume Walgreens are a supermarket chain...?). It will only be profitable to sell AB diapers if they can turnover a large quantity... otherwise it's a waste of shelf-space and the profit margins will have to be much higher to compensate. I'd wonder how many potential sales the shops were losing out on to ABs who refused to buy non-AB-specific products, but would buy your brand... Will stocking an additional line of diapers be profitable for them? I doubt it.

    Also, diaper manufacturers need to have relatively high production runs to maintain a low unit cost. Have you thought about whether you'd be able to license a particular diaper design (or copy a generic design) from another manufacturer? Your costs could be a lot lower in China, but you then have to deal with the inherent risks of international business, language barriers, legal systems, etc. (Could you successfully raise a claim against your suppliers if they breached their contract? Could you pursue a case through Chinese courts...?)

    Sorry to be so negative, but I wouldn't want you investing tens-of-thousands of dollars into a scheme that won't make you a return...

    But anyway... Just for fun... Diapers with cute prints? Why not?! I tend to value comfort and performance over cuteness/design in diapers, but animal motifs would be pretty cool as an added extra! Fake-cloth-backed diapers, though? No thanks -- the PE backsheets are much better!

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    Has to be plastic backed. I won't buy anything that is cloth backed no matter how cute.

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    I'm with SoakedinTexas. Either way, there is about a .00001% chance that a store such as Walgreen's would produce such a diaper.

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    No "normal" store here even sell "normal" adult diapers

    Pharmacy might have some, but for the good ones one have to go to a special store
    Best bet would be big companies like airoliver, if you wanna hit the European market

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    I, honestly would. Saying that, it would never happen. Quality adult diapers are hard to find in stores, as is.

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