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    Default LOL LOL Youtube transcripts are funny

    According to youtube... in my new video about wearing diapers correctly ( I said this:

    website and I've tried to say we have the funds the repast
    2:59arm prison official bruce Lee which ones they can handle basques will have
    3:02different times in response much
    3:04how quickly they can store how much there's or
    3:07how it distributes and I'm it will be different depending on you know
    3:11whether he had like you know really quick boyd's or even a little bit a
    3:15leaking were lawn care rehab balance on it
    3:17really a is gonna very a lot and also your persona me the way it fits
    3:22I'll but definitely no don't don't think you're limited to what you can buy at
    3:27you know corner drugstore do some research get some stuff online arm
    3:31later if you like for most people to fund research on the way to go
    3:34I'll especially our in with the train for medical records in Europe
    3:39are the fabric backing in a
    3:42the drugstore divers on plastic is better
    3:46are you still reading later you wanna shop around to find whatever suits you
    3:51don't let yourself I'm a good rule of thumb
    3:55I voice is not preclude years is always you know
    3:59keep your diaper and happy you know you certainly know
    4:03one last time than you think it has capacity for love your neighbor like
    4:06this this one you know
    4:07holds your three good weddings for me arm than it already is it twice
    4:11non-policy find a change
    4:13I'll again it had depends on how large should wait Sarkozy let them know you're
    4:18losing out
    4:19and little better in a constantly arm but again
    4:23you want to get something with a little bit more substantial than likable up or
    4:27something you know it's a story by
    4:28in like would be no case brief that is a you know this then
    4:32that girl like you know 1/2 weddings I mean what you want once
    4:36you better scramble the bathroom quickly hope you don't you know and having
    4:40another accident was reported in your legs
    4:42and honestly no idea II dissipative redundancy I I like to have you know
    4:47a little bit actually just in case something goes wrong I was shot five
    4:50minutes early to know your not find it worked
    4:5210-15 minutes early you know to any appointment 'em
    4:57anyway let's do in the next topic is here yeah a lot of people are you know
    5:06the Senate use their diapers you probably should go with something a
    5:09little bit thicker
    5:10arm consulate the boasts you know easy way to
    5:14in Astley no serial number is if you have a relief that one that doesn't you
    5:18know article is to your needs and your week
    5:20you know what's popular and was not originally Cup
    5:24so it's harder to get a picture you know that are tighter than it is to do silly
    5:29are and when it comes to choosing yes there is a next topic is you know
    5:33always test your diapers that whole before you out in public with them
    5:38you know a price point that this is what I mean the diaper any diapers better
    5:41than in other
    5:42for one person everybody knowledge differ I mean like
    5:46some people will take to a higher quality brief like
    5:50I'm de beers or the securities class three in a row so the most highly rated
    5:54the most influence on the drive 347
    5:56and you know people despite don't like them some time to come to the all their
    6:00like other than me in like secure plus arm it would be better
    6:05they don't fit that well me and they're initially
    6:08a pretty high absorbency because I don't think they worked out well for me
    6:11states the belief that in the way people the creases from them
    6:14just makes them more prone to leak even though they're not even like hafer
    6:18wonderful me I'm again it's just my own personal anatomy
    6:23ever was there a difference they were tested like reasonable and also
    6:26every Tiger has a different you know cork a position in its gonna feel
    6:29completely different needs to be changed
    6:32like for example is 80 runs the tripoli
    6:35is why I will is a lot and these have a lot on our servers or
    6:38homer in the village of a girl is questionable sliding kinda slippery when
    6:42we really need to be changed
    6:43I can just tell by the way it feels fills wholly different than an hour
    6:48you know have limited him this is like you know a secure area total
    6:52search your dry total cluster whatever they like in a mid-range the dirty
    6:56if they want it will pop so you know it has to feel what I want to because it
    7:00really get that your squishy Jul feel to it
    7:02so if you know I will let you know trying to wait for it to feel like a
    7:05triple date and worthy is
    7:07then it would United squishing everywhere water so
    7:11that would be good I'm and also something like images used election
    7:15Brians where they fit
    7:16IIIi Wachee by now mation adjustment of leaking some people actually
    7:21issues where divers a painful for a particular brand or size
    7:24artery molecular amid after women mention it like you know it cuts through
    7:27nicely done we like enormous red welts you know or fiction burn
    7:32in different places arm 3803 we're trying to make sure you don't feel
    7:36comfortable with that
    7:37North out to sit around like you know get some water ingestion appear so silly
    7:41for like you know
    7:42in four hours and see where it takes their see how your paper's lead time you
    7:45there is no happier diapers leak in a particular spot with a particular brand
    7:49I'm I'm a good Piper picture in here in a second
    7:53a grey jeans
    8:01so you can tell us your spots are
    8:03I and that's that's usually what happens to me when I'm so inadvertently
    8:06their I'll and it's good to know that information
    8:10site where you can tell that we always knew would like no check back in with
    8:14their own
    8:14attend a special occasion just to make sure you know after gonna
    8:18bicycle seat make sure haven't pressed on anything I don't like being super
    8:22their spine anyway a definitely CC hit see how your day personally where over
    8:27time and our
    8:29make sure you check before you go out next topic out what are the color
    8:36three million to hear is order control don't be it's not about
    8:40nobody wants to you to be asleep children's doctors are standard and you
    8:45know this number to get the package
    8:46know a little divers are sorted you know and for them to remain off the bus or
    8:51controls the system the cheaper ones
    8:53arm a good when it's not butter b2b
    8:56the big surprise here you know where they persuaded you
    9:01you know they use lot solution is what a great products out there that people
    9:04usually babysit keep the mir cylinder keep them from getting rashes I mean
    9:08it'll go away dull million babies in a small lot worse
    9:12the united as a systems aren't nearly as you know I'm mature czars
    9:16so that you know there are kept for is not listed or developed
    9:19mit einer you know Trichet simply noxious stuff and there are some other
    9:23skills you know you she wore something there at all
    9:25I mean so obvious to those products are working for them in there you know
    9:29diverse situations a lot more you know definitely will the real
    9:32I'm it goes pretty far for adult will use that lotion stuff
    9:36I'm me like I always use stimulation action indexing and cutting it would
    9:42like it one bit material handling pump
    9:44their part in the writers the park with them on and
    9:48completely custom now like it's wonderful
    9:51by Eric up in the morning you know whatever does not snow like being
    9:54X-ray arm yeah it is like bringing things that's not very good arm some
    10:00people are allergic serving others were tested you know hatch first
    10:03I'm and also don't get too much but on
    10:06where you're putting the winnings on the front diapers rehabilitate because it
    10:10keeping more arm other than a minute that is that the fantastic a
    10:15are me does exactly were supposed to be doing said they would ration it works
    10:19pretty well
    10:20arm yesterday to use your products
    10:24on the next not really a topic I guess would be a
    10:27keep you know your body here within your limits I'm bacteria lecture for Syria
    10:33so I areas obviously by years I was the best place where to hide
    10:37our mothers interest on your skin but you know seeking European owes much to
    10:41the hair down there is possible
    10:43are you have a lot less order you're saying you're there for SuperCoach shape
    10:47that's pretty hard
    10:48I'm me why it's not that bad just took an electric razor to San
    10:52you know does it down to like in a couple millimeters you know they're just
    10:55little stubble
    10:56you know that that seems to work pretty well for me you are obviously a close
    11:00even in a lot of people are
    11:02they are not very good at sharing on this election appealing razor burn
    11:06pretty easily
    11:07but I am running a race you know humid warm by burning others liked against
    11:11your skin doing wanna fiction
    11:12are you probably get impact your vocals I'm a lot easier not
    11:16environment to so they're just jealous easily in a shorter
    11:20even scissors or find resources across those in like really you know short
    11:24through that you no longer just I just smells horrible
    11:28an issue you know take up that much air as much as you can
    11:32it but pure solve the problem 'em
    11:35yeah Nexus now on the topic
    11:38where bus tickets if those for religion topic
    11:42so yeah cloth diapers arm to just over there
    11:46but actually clerk authors are into your system to observe a serial no
    11:51of whatever stupid clock in there you know covered by I
    11:55impermeable like myra apparent were might have a plastic
    11:58that is not too much keep you know what is then on their pleaded with
    12:03thunderstorm later the better without them to their little asses the defense
    12:06their homes or anything more but I am sure the vehicle
    12:10action may seem to get the matter and change if you have a small you can feel
    12:14arm pool in them also the biggest reason though I advocate we must keep in touch
    12:19with the smell
    12:20they really cut on this now I'll me really the only downside
    12:24past experiences that they are are a little bit warmer answer no se military
    12:28when divers it's already pretty hot anyway so
    12:32I don't see how hard it can to make it that much worse yeah
    12:38next not really objections to the violence going on here
    12:44the biggest identicator us know you're never gonna be
    12:48is what he church everyone is different there's a lot of two children and tricks
    12:53the proportion who are you know are any if you have in your going to rebel
    12:56issues because of your teeth in store
    12:58bono there's also a lot of food which is really really here it's pretty bad
    13:02arm coffee is a killer for a lot of people
    13:05I mean emotional signals you know work on it a lot worse on
    13:08it also makes things look pretty bad I mean like if I G coffee I still like to
    13:12use cat litter
    13:13not gonna lie that's why I don't drink coffee much anymore I'll
    13:16I hate asparagus is there was a problem for me but I've heard some people you
    13:20know like it its
    13:21all the things that really a mission of peace reach where the biggest thing it's
    13:26just tragic plenty of water
    13:28me a lot of people there in her first year at work originally will ruin your
    13:31good works in Russia treatments your little solve the problem
    13:35now it doesn't honestly if you are you
    13:38you how to use a poor you have more control urine if the snow a lot worse
    13:42and you know it cost me a lot were irritating carry out your charity
    13:46Italy Ivory you're something of a lot more
    13:51see entry plenty of water and trying to hear what years much as you can just
    13:54don't lose your does not snotty
    13:57object was not at all well as far as there are two girls
    14:01arm do us all a favor please eat your vegetables if you ain't nothing but like
    14:06you know
    14:06chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes you probably gonna you know
    14:09hurt people how and when I had a friend you know
    14:14of years ago he used to eat liking agreements that night
    14:17every time you use to have gas gas in a bit the enclosed space it was pretty on
    14:21tear nothing really I will laugh but it was
    14:25it was room cleared it was pretty amazing
    14:28I can imagine what that person would like if they have you know about cars
    14:31issues that would have been just
    14:32you know really retirement typical shut in you know can
    14:36category no I'm health issues
    14:42sorry I definitely get some vegetables in here diet and whole grains and
    14:46anything to strategy things inconsistent and you know deodorize
    14:51me understand might have left now problems if you have enough enough fiber
    14:56you make things more regular and you know little predictable probably
    15:01it divers are expensive anyway you will be having the runs I mean like
    15:04will see you nothing but chicken wings you know and fries
    15:07you have working a greasy schools this will have to change numbers like
    15:11you go for it played a person and thats really no expense
    15:14intervention group you know I'm
    15:18see also at the main reason the vessels are important as they cut down all
    15:21smiles chemically
    15:22I'm not exactly sure about the chemistry but I i
    15:26from what I understand the quarter fell
    15:29cancer had a pretty good day or as in fact I'm
    15:33and I guess also kinda gets things moving to you about little bit but
    15:35there's that in their intellects doing you know like ruminating on their orders
    15:39is long which is kind helpful
    15:43gonna yeah anywhere some companies have actually started on
    15:46cylinders for a while but they've been selling out chlorophyll
    15:50caplets that I guess you can take or early that are supposed to help
    15:53body odor in general but after like it will tell comes from you for a while
    15:57and apparently they're like you know eighty percent the cuddling a plan
    16:00personal from what I heard
    16:04home yeah let's be very careful what you put in your body
    16:08I'm we have a congress this use into other make it worse
    16:11or admit it's not really about
    16:14so you're that's about all I have to say as far as I think like you control it
    16:18topics arm the next topic
    16:22yeah this is a general tip
    16:25be prepared you invest in a good tired I that you like
    16:29I was curious very cute backpack everywhere I go
    16:32it may not be for you but our pics on her back
    16:36you know somebody get hurt nice that purse or laptop messenger bag or
    16:42make sure you have something that in our meet your needs and always carry no at
    16:46least three
    16:47their diapers at your backpack every time you never know when you gonna
    16:50cuddle sizzler international
    16:52ask you can tell there's something weird happens you know it would be really
    16:56you know frustrating to a be without you know a product that you need
    17:00we're looking actually like in a car accident you know get out for
    17:03anyway yet you keep us there you know Stasha again doesn't a person like a
    17:08true we have a car
    17:10or in a sling office that's gonna make she always have extra supplies
    17:13in never worry about changing news really would suck to all the way home
    17:18because your neighbors
    17:20and also know how people are obviously don't be sitting in a look and see how
    17:24to iraq's
    17:24in years in the same no yucky day for you don't like week anyway who are you
    17:29story garbage can insular three hours like skewing
    17:33that's not smart always carry no excuse I'm
    17:37also see whether a
    17:41plan your disposal well armed carry some pepper
    17:44you know like disposal back like I have for the solar kits or
    17:48dog waste say it has a loss Blackwell back sooner
    17:52the national spotlight in a little different and then tom is actually I
    17:55don't usually is it
    17:56I have no shame at this point arms I don't mind one in Africa starting the
    18:01trash in a way out
    18:02for some people specially if people knew we were divers arm
    18:05just a little bit ordinary you know how to handle bag is the scene and I mean
    18:08there's no you know
    18:10home sanitary waste disposal in the men's bathroom
    18:13so it would be nice to know curious about other options really is like in a
    18:18paper bag like the sandwich bags a share what you know
    18:21now look like prostate cancer whatever you know we were those that house was
    18:24askin so you have more discretion
    18:26I feel like I guess they're really you know rude and inconsiderate
    18:29I'm these days as far as in a min south until anything in a little bit rash with
    18:33open anything
    18:37another topic entirely wanna yeah if you're self conscious bring suburbanites
    18:41discrete disposal
    18:42method that you like it into a few
    18:47yeah is larger and no shame did anyone ever
    18:53we have to realize you know when you a tiger that some point that nobody can
    18:56or even cares you wear diapers miss from the
    19:00me know biggest aspect wearing diapers asks us fully
    19:03is realizing that no one cares most people are really way too self-absorbed
    19:07to be staring at your butt
    19:09I mean really it's pretty much impossible to tell what you're wearing a
    19:13any lost numbers are relatively then
    19:16are either way and also the most important thing is here is
    19:21they don't know what you look like without it I personally have no senator
    19:25she didn't you just about you when you were in diaper I'm
    19:28you know which is supposed to look like so okay gary have a slightly bigger you
    19:32by you can tell a mere but nobody else can Richard by
    19:35you know looks I'm
    19:39sorry I mean maybe you know your style slight this very AB know some your
    19:43family members
    19:44if there really no sleep well pretty unlikely me through
    19:47complain about the sound with a diverse people too much a
    19:51probably not after she worked last pair
    19:56but I'll eventually have to get over it in it's a medical issue
    20:00most cases or no I mean if you during your racially
    20:03but still means something you're doing it's not give a choice in the matter
    20:08me it's like you know worrying about million or senior wheelchairs
    20:11kinda silly know you're doing a service to the
    20:15community by a you know people you know find others with the not being ashamed
    20:19about it
    20:20are you helping erase the stigma from nothin
    20:23are the problem the crisis for those you know handicaps that
    20:27you know if so invisible so we know this much discretion about it
    20:30the nobody really knows that you know ministers it's a ridiculous
    20:33actually i i think has looked up here bottom
    20:41it's a pretty high statistics for the number of people who are you end up
    20:44wearing diapers
    20:45or younger have income such as some point in their life
    20:50so there is nothing to be ashamed of tim is not a medical issue

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    Youtube transcripts...? What are they? Some new automatic voice-recognition thingy for videos?

    That would be pretty cool (if it works!) for indexing content...

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