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    So i got a gift from my boyfriend today,, a baby taz baby bottle with the nuk5 teat, just wondering if anyone else has them, is there a feeding hole or would i have to get that seprataly..

    Thank you

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    Congrats! I don't use one but I really want to. I have an order on my eBay cart. Ready to go when I'm ready to order if.

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    The Nuk nipple is sold as a 'blind' nipple - it has no hole.

    One has to make one.

    I heat up a safety pin on the stove once to remove any coating. Cool it off and wash it. Reheat untill red and then insert as far as desired for the width of hole one wants.

    Not doing the former may leave black ash on the nipple hole, as will using a lighter or candle. Electric stove is best as any combustion source produces soot which looks and tastes nasty.

    Using a knife is hard to control and can create a split that enlarges over time.

    At one point I ordered direct from the company and the nipple came with similar instructions.

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    U hope it brings you much joy! Congratulations on your gift, and have fun.

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    I don't use one yet, but I just ordered one and I'm very excited to get it! I just wish the bottles came in larger sizes; I've used regular baby bottles before and it seems like I drink them so quickly. I'd like a larger body to accommodate a larger baby. The community has adapted to ABDL needs in pretty much every other area as far as I can tell, and yet still no adult sized bottle. Ah, if only.

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    Enjoy your new bottle! You could use a pair of nail clipper to make a larger hole.

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    I used a knife to make a very small Y. Very small and sloppily done perhaps, but it works and isn't ugly.

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    I am so scared to use a bottle.. any tips in hiding it when i still live at home?

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