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Thread: I am going to have a FUN christmas

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    Default I am going to have a FUN christmas

    I bought a new computer in parts as a christmas gift for myself.

    And yes, I prefer to build it myself, that's half the fun
    I plan to take pictures during the build that I can post if anyone is interested.

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    looks sweet what are the specs? and price for all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtdl84 View Post
    looks sweet what are the specs? and price for all?
    I made a mistake! The Fractal R4 chassi does not have enough room for the motherboard (xl atx) and power supply (height wise)

    I'm off tomorrow to get an Antec P280 (the R4 I can use to house and silcene my server instead)

    My specs are :
    CPU : Intel Core i7-3930K 6-Core, 3.2GHz, 12MB, 130W
    Cooling : Noctua NH-U14S Slim tower cooler
    GPU : Gainward GeForce GTX 780 3GB "Phantom - GLH" (Factory overclocked with non reference cooler)
    Motherboard : MSI Big Bang-XPower II, Socket-2011
    Memory : Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MH Kit w/4x4GB, CL9-9-9-27
    HD : Samsung SSD 840 PROSeries (one 128 GB for OS and one 256 GB for games), WD Desktop Green 3TB (for storage)
    Power : Corsair RM650, 650W PSU Modular cables
    OS : Windows 7 Home Premium (OEM version)
    + various peripherals...

    The price was about 3.500$ USD or 2575 Euro (that is around 23.000 swedish kronor)

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    Still waiting for Intel to ship me my i7 4930K. Can't argue with a price of $179, but '4-6 weeks' shipping time is grueling. :X

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    Can never have enough tools!

    Swiss army knife?

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    I got a new case (Antec p280) and could finally assemble everything.

    Yes acorn, that is indeed a swiss army knife. I only needed that and a philips screwdriver to put it all together.

    After all was installed, I just had to test it with 3dmark11.
    I got 13485 point

    And I got 7.8 windows points (7.9 is max) DAMN what does it take to max it out?

    This computer is really quiet, even under full load, but that was what I was aiming for.

    Bunch of pictures ahead....


    Motherboard and the cpu cooler

    Motherboard and cpu box

    Cpu installed and MB mounted in case

    Memory capsules (16GB)

    Memory installed

    Thermal compound grease on cpu

    Cooler installed

    Cooler fan installed

    Front dust filter

    Front fans to be installed

    Fans installed

    Fan cables and internal case cables connected

    Drives to be installed

    Drives installed

    Power cables connected

    Optical drive installed (Blueray reader / DVD Writer)

    Graphics card to be installed

    Graphics card installed and showing the very nifty removable fans

    Everything connected

    The backside showing all the cables

    Powered up and running fine

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    Holy mother of....
    WHAT is that FAN doing in there??? is that thing now missing from some industrial power plant??

    nice one

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    LOL, yeah I stole it from a wind tunnel test site

    Quote Originally Posted by EPO1 View Post
    Holy mother of....
    WHAT is that FAN doing in there??? is that thing now missing from some industrial power plant??

    nice one

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