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Thread: Best scented baby diapers?

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    Default Best scented baby diapers?

    I have tried Luvs and Pampers Cruisers but they don't smell like they did in the late 80s early 90s. Which diapers smell most like the older Pampers?

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    Well, it's hard for me to remember exactly what the old ones smelled like, as the smell has changed slowly over the years, but I think Easy-Ups are the closest. At least by my nose.

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    There may have been a thread on here about diaper scents: certain artificial ingredients which, when you do a little bit of mixing and putting on your nappy, they can emulate the smell pretty darn well.

    I tried finding it, and I think this may have been it:
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    Well, considering that's something I didn't pay attention to as a baby in the 0's, I definitely can't say. ABU has their 'baby fresh scent' which is pretty darn good, but at $2 extra per package it seems a little overpriced. Honestly, the smell of baby powder is what brings me back the most.

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