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Thread: New diaper at XP!

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    Default New diaper at XP!

    Hey everyone,

    Was just on the XP medical site, and noticed they have a new diaper. Check it out: XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies

    Just ordered a pack. I'll let ya all know what they are like.

    Anyone else get excited when a new diaper comes out??

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    This might be the start of something good for XP Medical. I in a way like the all white diaper that's plastic backed with no designs. With it's absorbency rate it will make a good diaper for the lighter times of the day.
    Will look for your report when you get yours and try them out.

    Looking at the pricing it comes out to $1.17 per diaper on a case of 64. That's not bad compared to Abena M4's at $1.47 on a case. That's with the free shipping. For IC folks that's an important factor.
    Also when you scroll down to the boosters and look at the padding of two it looks like their made by the same company. The padding looks identical with blue stripe down the center.
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    Looks really good. I may get some for fun and to support their new undertaking. If there's anyone I would trust with making a very good diaper it would be Gary and XP Medical. That being said it looks like there aren't any leak guards in this one?...either way looking forward to photos and a review if you're so inclined.

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    Thank you for the information. I ordered a pack, and I'll let you know what I think when I get them.

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    this is exciting, i like the design(all white is perfect IMO) but it does appear that there are no leak guards, i wonder how that will work out. Also there's no description of its performance etc., we will all be expecting a full on review once u get through a few of em.

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    They look nice
    hopefully they'll eventually ad leakguards and a night time weight diaper also

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    Actually it does look like it has elasticized cuffs/leak guards or at least I hope so... Otherwise they would be worthless. I like how they are plain white.

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    I also don't see any indication of leak guards in the pictures provided. Shame. Hopefully the price will drop in time, too, as >$1 per diaper seems a little bit high considering you can get a plastic backed diaper with leak guards, like Depends and TotalDry, for under $1 each. But I trust Gary and I'll gladly to try out his new product. Competition in the industry benefits us all

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