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Thread: New in this neighborhood :)

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    Default New in this neighborhood :)

    Hey all, wanted to introduce myself so here it goes!!

    I'm a stay at home mom who loves every moment of my day with my awesome daughter! I'm super outgoing and I love meeting new people! I'm very open minded, and I hope for my mind to be opened further as a member here.

    What brings me here is the desire to get a better understanding and some support in being able to fully accept my husband and his AB side.

    In my daytime hours I am chasing around a toddler, coloring, singing and dancing and all together loving every goofy moment of life. I have a serious passion for cooking, I mean serious!! I am a book worm to the extreme as well. I would rather sit and read than go out, besides, my hubs is a home body AND my best friend so going out without him wouldn't be much fun!

    What I hope to learn by being a part of this community is to better understand my husband. I want to be able to support him in his love of being an AB but also need to learn how to tactfully go about setting boundaries so his lifestyle doesn't take over completely. We're having some balance issues at the moment! Anyway, I hope to find members who can help me better communicate with him without saying the wrong thing and making him think I have anything other than complete love and respect for him.

    Thank you for the opportunity to expand my heart and mind!

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    Welcome! Must be quite the job looking after two toddlers!

    Always a pleasure to meet open-minded and compassionate people like yourself. Thank you so much for trying to understand.

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    Welcome! It's great to have you! Hearing stories like yours gives alot of hope for some couples here. Lots of great people and info here so dont be afraid to ask for help

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    Welcome to the site. Your husband is a lucky man. It is very hard to find someone to love that will accept this side of someone.

    People like you keep the world going. We need more open minded people in this world.

    I hope you enjoy your stay!!!!

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    Thank you all for the very warm welcome!! I guess I am a bit different than most of the "typical" folks lol I honestly don't find the whole diaper wearing to be strange or odd at all. I find it quite normal in a society like ours has become. Who doesn't need to forget the stresses of their day, bills, worries, responsibilities??! We've become so obsessed with success, material possessions, and status that people are stressed to the point of shooting up post offices and even schools. Maybe more people should look into diaper wearing to give our world a break haha!

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    Wow! I wish there where more women like yourself out there, your right with the whole stress thing, to many people consumed with greed these days, I hope you find the ways to communicate and support your hubby here.

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    My hat's off to you, for your curiosity about, hubs, and willingness to understand him, and desire to know him better.

    Boundaries are important, both for and outside of roleplay, including stuff that's out-of-game or "meta-game."

    So the first thing to look at is what is his young age, and does it vary? Many flip back and forth between baby and up to say kindergarten, or have variable age in their little headspace. Is he in diapers? Just at night? And does he plan to "grow up" for sex, lawn mowing, car fixing, and earning a living? Many spouses don't like the idea of sex with someone not only pretending to be young but so wholly into the headspace their expressions, mannerisms,speech and tastes are strange and different, and because they believe in their persona, their method acting can be creepily convincing and unnerving.

    You don't need to and shouldn't supply details of your and his actual sex life that would be against his privacy.

    In general, lots of cuddles, approval, and being in charge on your part are probably what he would enjoy. Lots of open and honest communication too, of course. Mother knows best, and should lovingly but firmly set the rules and boundaries. We have a roleplay forum, and as a spectator you might get to see how parent figures go about their "job."

    Beyond general advice, we would need to know more specifics about you and him in particular, each instance is different. But do avoid personally identifying info like exact address info or job description. We're private people and mostly like to keep our private games under wraps. (taped, disposable wraps, with plastic backing and pretty plastic panties over top

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    Wow, i have to say, you sound like an awesome woman. He is a very lucky guy. Well welcome to Adisc, and i'm sure you will find what you are looking for here. In case you don't, i'd also suggest reading: "There's a Baby in my Bed."
    I read it, and felt like it made perfect explanations of how my brain works as an adult baby. A lot of specifics didn't apply to me though, as it probably wouldn't for your husband. It talks about some of the more bizarre sides of Adult babies, but i think it is a well rounded book.

    Over all though, you should be able to figure out most things by suggestions from on here, and just experimenting with your adult baby.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. It's so nice to see that someone like you is being proactive in developing a positive approach to this....hubby sure is a lucky guy. It can be really tough having an ab side, especially if you have to hide it from those you love. Enjoy weaving through the forums... Ask anything (pg rated) and have fun with your hubby, just remember babies can be greedy.

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    Raccoon-he hasn't chosen an exact age but rather identifies as a toddler. He wears at home and to bed most nights which doesn't bother me in the least bit. He is grown as far as work and his household/father/husband responsibilities and for him it is purely a comfort. He feels safe and at peace when he is in baby mode (as we call it). He gets no sexual gratification so our sex life is completely separate and he would like to keep it that way. Which I won't lie, I'm very thankful for that! He's never really played the part so to speak. He doesn't do baby talk or use any mannerisms that would indicate he is acting like a toddler. He's just very comfortable in his diaper and most days uses a paci, which is one of the things I am trying to adjust to.

    Because I am home raising a toddler all day, sometimes it becomes overwhelming to me for him to be in full baby mode. This is the balance issue we've been experiencing lately. I need to find how to communicate to him that I need my adult husband sometimes, not just my little husband. But I don't want to hurt his feelings or have him think that I am judging him in any way. These are things I need to figure out how to approach, and advice from someone who shares his interest would be very welcomed so I know I'm being sensitive to the baby side of him!

    He does belong to an internet group in which he is very active on a daily basis that is specifically for ABDL individuals. He spends most of his down time on there with his friends, which I totally understand. They get it and I kind of don't so it makes sense that he enjoys talking with other like minds. He has a "Dada" in there which is something I am all together not comfortable with purely because I don't understand the need for that relationship. It never crosses any lines as far as actions or conversations that I wouldn't approve of. I know because he is very open about it with me and always offers to let me read the conversations to show me he isn't hiding anything. I trust him though, I know it isn't anything inappropriate but it still gets to me once in a while because I just don't understand it, you know?

    Anyway, these types of things are what I need to further open my mind about so I can better understand and find more of a balance with him! And I have to say, you guys are awesome for being so welcoming. Thank you!!

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