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Thread: landlord seen my diaper stash

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    Default landlord seen my diaper stash

    I live in a house with 5 other guys. I have the only room down stairs, and private bath.
    And normally/legally my landlord lets us know 24+ hours in advance that he is coming bye like he should. Today however he just showed up. Mind you he spends summers 1,300 miles away. So he knew he would be here, and didn't tell anyone.

    He knocks on my door and I was a bit stunned to see him. I talk a bit, then tell him I have to get ready for work cause I really did. And I had a gut feeling he was going to enter my room after I left. So I cleaned up most of it. Locked a few things up in a hockey bag, didn't want him to see my footed sleepers and other abdl stuff.

    But just to mess with him, plus I have to many. I left all my diapers in my closet and didn't hid any of them or the boosters. Then I carefully set my 3 digit lock to 111 and went to work. And sure enough I get home and grab my locked bag to find the combination had been moved and was on 009.

    There's a small chance it changed because I had the bag stuffed under some stuff. But it stands to reason it was him. So time to find a new place to live. And I do feel like some other things are out of place in my room. And he's the only one with keys, to all the rooms.

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    Thats creepy. Ya i would probably start looking for a new place. Maybe look into some sort of hidden camera, like those teddy bear nanny cams!

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    I don't know what the landlord-tenant legislation addresses these conflicts where you love, but in my part of the world a landlord can be charged a maximum penalty of $50,000.00 for committing an illegal offense. Illegal entry is listed as one of the offenses for which the fine is applicable. If that is the case, you could inform the landlord (in writing) that you are concerned there may have been an unauthorized entry and refer to any applicable penalties in the legislation if this should occur again. This should at least ensure that he doesn't do it again, but it also documents the case in the event that you need to take matter further, such as a hearing in a landlord-tenant court. I believe strongly that tenants should not move every time there is a problem with their landlord. Tenants have rights and they should enforce them.

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    If he entered in Canada, he would have broken the law, problem is unless you have proof like a video and a way to date it etc, it would be his word against yours. I hated renting, and not being able to trust my landlord, never happened often, and when it did I moved, lots of apts. back then and cheap, now not so much. The diapers are no concern, but is anything missing? I doubt he would put himself in that position, but you would be surprised.

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    Same here - if a landlord (as long as the rent is paid - or at least no more than 3 month behind) would enter uninvited into the tenants room/apartment/house/etc... it would be regarded in the same light as a burglar entering a home "uninvited". ...
    Usually - unless specifically stated otherwise in the contract - the landlord gives up his access rights to the rented property as long as the contract is valid.
    If course there are some exceptions (fire, emergencies, etc..)... but just going into your room without your consent is usually against the law in most places I've lived.
    Also regardless of "breaking and entering" (or whatever that would be filed under) - going through your PRIVATE belongings is quite another level... trying to open your locked stuff, even worse.

    I'd let him know that this is a no-go.

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    I agree with the others that, if your landlord entered without authorization, it's a serious offence. However, having said that, what bad consequence could there be if he saw your diapers? It's not illegal to possess and use diapers.

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    No it's not a bad thing he seen them. I left them out incase he did enter. I had a gut feeling he was going to. I figured he would see them, kind of do a wtf then leave asap.

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    Sucks to hear that man, right now I am having issues with getting my security deposit back for an old apartment.

    Hopefully you can move after winter is over with and not during.

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    I agree with the others. Your landlord broke the law, at least in the U. S., if he broke into your closet. Of course, you'd have to be able to prove it if you filed charges. You should get the nanny cam.

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