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Thread: Hello from the North

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    Default Hello from the North

    Hello everyone... I am new here... I am gonna try and post more and possibly write stories... Mommies buying me a laptop so Ill have privacy.... My names Brandon.... and Im from Canada.... I love to volunteer and I love writing...possibly becoming a journalist.

    Any questions for me, just ask...

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    Yay Canada!!

    Welcome to ADISC! I just saw a lot of people from Canada.

    Geez, your national anthem owns ours...

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    well....thank ya... yeah..... As a singer, Ive always wanted to go to the hockey games and sing the national anthem. But then i get scared cause i think it would be on a day that we'd be playing a team from maine... so id be stuck singing the star spangled banner for ten minutes and not know most of the words.

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    You should do it. Just take the risk (and maybe learn the words. =) )

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    Any questions for me, just ask...
    Seal clubbing - fact or fiction?

    Welcome to ADISC Bmaster =)

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    Yes, i will learn the words....

    its totally fact...unfortuately.... if only that damn paul mccartney came sooner...

    and thanks...

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    Bmaster2009: Yeah im a noob allso xD. Welcome ! I might end up sending you a pm later on to see whats up.

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    Star spangled banner is real easy to learn the words, infact I do not remember trying to memorize the words at all, I just know them. Maybe thats cause I heard it all my life growing up lol.

    Anyways welcome to our community!

    Feel free to post as your please! I hope your enjoy it here!

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