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Thread: What is wrong with people?

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    Angry What is wrong with people?

    So, here is the deal:

    You know those things that happen that ruin your day, and no matter what you do you can't get it out of your head?

    I am talking, it has affected you so much that you cannot stop having insane one sided conversations and even admitting that dwelling on the issue is pointless doesn't stop it. can't stop. It bothers you. The situation doesn't make sense and is unresolved, is not okay.

    So let's explain the situation:

    "I say, hey, don't mess anything up!" (jokingly)

    Other person, stops, gives stare of death. "excuse me???"

    I instantly realize the person cannot take a joke so I apologize profusely.

    In response just outright attacks:
    "This place is a @#$%hole. I come in here and fix etc."

    I continue to apologize profusely explaining it was a joke and say I will help them out in any way possible.

    "Oh, don't worry, I won't ask you for anything."

    So here I am. Apparently the bad guy, although I feel like I am under direct attack from an enemy nation.

    And my day is ruined. I can't even fall asleep. I am really not that sensitive, but the vibe from this person was so violent and wrong. I just don't understand how a person can react in such a way, when the other person is using calm polite reason and is completely, utterly, apologetic.

    I am in a shambles.


    ....I just want to tell that person, thanks. But you know? They obviously don't care.... at all.

    Sure, I don't know what is going on in that persons life. Perhaps something awful might have happened.

    Who knows?

    But you know what I think?

    I think I just met a horrible person that has no soul.

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    I get people like this. Don't beat yourself up, some people just don't have a sense of humor.

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    Jeez... that's what my social anxiety does to me sometimes.

    But f*** it. You don't have to figure out what was going on in this other guy's mind. You acted authentically and without malice. Why worry what he thinks about the situation. If he's a decent person he'll recognise that he was in a bad mood and probably shouldn't have flew off the handle when (as he probably realised) you weren't having a go at him...

    You can't please all the people all the time. And if you know you're not being an arsehole, you don't have to worry about other people when they get the wrong impression. It happens all the time. They'll figure it out eventually and realise how much of an arsehole they were being... or they'll continue to be an arsehole, in which case... well... who cares what an arsehole thinks?!

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    Either that guy was having one hell of a bad day before you met him, or he's very similar to my sister. My sister is just about always ready for a fight. It's like she loves to feel anger, like anger is her drug of choice. Any chance she gets for rage, she'll take it. Lacking proper chances, she'll brew up a storm of her own based on things that happened years and years ago, or based on someone else's problems or situation. I know of a few other people in the world like that, though I only am forced to see my sister on a regular basis! The others, I never speak to again.

    I don't find anything wrong with what you did. If the joke wasn't accepted, you did your best to apologize. There's nothing else anyone can do. If that man wished to rage for his own personal reasons, unfortunately you can't do anything. You happened to be hit by crossfire. Take Tiny's advice, and just f*** it. People like that aren't worth your peace of mind.

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    when we as humans approach one-another, have some sort of random contact with another, or simply speak to someone.... i think that we often tend to see this as momentary moments of isolated social interaction. but have you ever stopped to wonder just what if long term effect, the brief few words that you used in one of these instances, had on the fellow that you said them too. not just as you were saying those words.... but say, a day or week or even month later. did that other fellow remember some small part of what you were saying to them.....

    after all, it's what the other fellow retains; either in actual memory, or in impression, that will go on to effect their life in some small possibly miniscule ways.
    sure, at the moment of the social interaction, we may never understand exactly how what we have said was taken (or not) by the person who we were talking too. but like it or not, some part of what we said got through. one can never know when what they have said, or some part of it, has been remembered by the person who we said it too, or even by someone listening to the conversation.... and that memory has come back at just the right time to give that person some little bit of needed help or wisdom....

    sometime long after we ourselves have been long gone.

    i have had memories of things that i heard said long ago, come back to me at just the time when i needed to hear them. things said by folks long gone, even dead.... people that i may not have wanted to listen too at the time. but who i apparently heard despite myself.

    i try to temper my tolerance for some of the more easily angered younger folks in my life (now that i am getting older) with the wisdom that i was once where they are now. and that just as i benefit now from what i didn't have the temperament to listen too then..... so one day will they.... one can only hope.

    most everything mellows with the passage of time..... (soft smile)

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    Some people can't take a joke, especially if they have autism, they may get upset with teasing and refuse to believe you were just joking. In fact they may believe you are only saying that to get away with being mean and lying about joking. But i guess that is what comes from the bullying so they lose trust in people.

    I don't know if the guy in the OP's story was NT or had some sort of problem.

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    I was under direct attack and foul language was used in response. Meanwhile, I sincerely apologize quite profusely in a way that could not be mistaken, period.

    No, I am not doing anything about it because I don't mean any ill will towards the person.

    But... how? how does a person respond to calm, reasoning explanation and apologies with further attacks? It boggles my mind.

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    Simple case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course that doesn't ease your pain ... Soz buddy.

    The thing is sometimes people just unload their garbage on us. I think that if people see you as an empathetic sort if person you are more vulnerable to attack. I have known people who I'm sure just felt safe emptying their emotional trash on me.

    Trouble is they don't realise what a shitty thing it is that their doing. They just want to feel better themselves. Good on you for not attacking back though... That's hard.

    Try and let it go. Now that they've cut their crap loose they'll probably forget about it. Just be careful you don't pay the negativity forward.

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    Oh I have no desire to attack anyone. I would stand and allow myself to be killed. I will not kill a human being. I bare no ill will to any human being.

    But aliens... man... come on... those evil guys gotta die.

    ....oh and zombies.... yeah...them too....


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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    Oh I have no desire to attack anyone. I would stand and allow myself to be killed. I will not kill a human being. I bare no ill will to any human being.

    But aliens... man... come on... those evil guys gotta die.

    ....oh and zombies.... yeah...them too....

    Alright that line about aliens and zombies I take it that is what that rude person you met said roughly? It LOOKS like that person said something to you that was horrific or scary? it APPEARS that was traumatic to you as a person as well? We may be able to help but I would suggest seeing a therapist provided you have not already. I'm merely asking questions because I have no clue EXACTLY what went on or what was done to you. I think we can help you more but we need more information if that is alright with you?

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