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Thread: What kind of diapers?

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    Cool What kind of diapers?

    Hey guys what kind of baby diapers and what size.!.!.

    I weigh 90lb and have a 27 inch waist.

    Thanks for the help,

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    Pampers cruisers size 7 would be a good bet, Huggies pullups 4-5T are my fav ...But XL Goodnites would probably fit you really well too and offer the best protection!

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    I second the XL Goodnites, way more protection plus way more comfortable and I have a 31in waist. But if you get them, try wearing two, because wearing just one is like wearing slightly thick underwear.

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    90lbs??? Your lucky lol, not only do possably fit in a carseat you would make one heck of a motorcycle racer!

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    I wish I was back at 90 pounds and 27 inch waist I'm 148 pounds 32 inch waist and I'm 6.0 foot tall which means I'm under weight lol so I'm stuck with adult diapers but I'm happy either way hehe but the XL good nights are a great choice

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    I second the wearing of two Goodnites. Besides wearing real diapers, you won't be more comfortable. Count on it.

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    Why don't you just get small adult diapers. They will fit you better and be shit load more absorbant. And won't look like a tight ass thong on you :P

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    Because most small diapers are terrible, and there's not very many brands that make small sized diapers.

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    Goodnites and Pull Ups could fit you niceley, for actual baby diapers go for the largest like Cruisiers 7. I would love to get some Pampers 7 but they're dificult to get in my country, they could definetly fit me I have the same weight as you and 5'4" in height.

    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    Because most small diapers are terrible, and there's not very many brands that make small sized diapers.
    Indeed, they are terrible, you can't get quality small diapers unless you order online.

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    Online or offline, they are few to choose from. Abena only carries then in cloth backed (S4). I know Molicare makes them as well.

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