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    Hello All,

    I wanted to say a bit about the Huggies Overnites size 6. I used to use the LUVS as a diaper stuffer (I'm a heavy bed wetter) and it did ok. But I got a pack of the Huggies Overnites and am shocked at the amount the hold. They hold almost one full adult wetting all by themselves. They REALLY swell up, but that's expected. I was just shocked a "baby diaper" could hold so much. But then again, it IS intended for overnight use. Anyway, I have totally switched to the Huggies Overnights for use as stuffers. When putting them in the new line of the Wellness Breifs (the suprio or whatever line), I can go a good 12 hours without needing a change OR leaking. Even when drinking caffinated soda which we all know makes us pee more. So yea, wanted to share that. Huggies Overnites are worth trying.

    -Baby Stanley

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    Im in the exact same situation (heavy bed wetter) and actually just got a case of the superio's yesterday, while normally with the wellness diapers I use a pampers size 7 at night, with the new "superior" type, I found I don't even need the stuffer anymore. Im in my pj's and my third cup of coffee right now and while i'm pretty soggy, I have absolutely no worries as the SAP in the back is'nt even wet yet! First time in a LONG time i've been able to say that in the morning!

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    Even with the storebrand CVS diapers, I find a Huggies Overnight stuffer to work very well.

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    If I can get them on sale here, I will buy them, but usually use a regular Snug n' Dry as a stuffer, but for the cost difference, they are much better if bought at a good price, and a coupon helps too!

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    Huggies Overnights are amazingly absorbent. If you can find them, you might also give Pampers Extra Protection a try. The absorbency is also quite good, plus you have that wonderful diapery Pampers scent.

    Unfortunately, Extra Protection is one of the harder diapers to find. Around me, only Target carries it, and you have to buy a box of 46 diapers.

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    Huggies over nights work well in my diapers at night and ad a lot more capacity to them
    I find that Pampers and Luvs are paper thin compared to what they were in the past.

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    These are definitely awesome, they just hold and hold, it's incredible. The Pampers EP pale in comparison but fit better so they're more fun to wear but the Overnites are crazy absorbent. Glad you're enjoying them!

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