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    Hey y'all, I'm bou. I'm a pretty easygoing person but exceptionally shy until I get to know people. I'm probably not like most people around here as my main interest as an ab isn't diapers. I do wear them occasionally but I'm just as happy without them. My other interests include cooking, reading, gaming (especially minecraft), care bears and my little pony. My main reason for joining is to find some friends that I can talk to about being an ab as my husband doesn't know. Look forward to talking to you all.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums. I like Care Bears and My Little Pony too, and we have groups here for fans of each. Just curious, what's your favorite ab item or activity since it's not diapers? I like my paci and stuffed animals. Again, welcome.

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    My fave items would be my feety pajamas, Punky Brewster blanky, and my paci. Activities... probably just watching cartoons in bed.

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    Well, it takes all kinds, and that's what we have. In spades. You are not hugely unusual, ab's whose ageplay isn't focused on diapers is not that rare... a minority, but far from unheard of. Adisc is rife with Carebears fans and Bronies (MLP fans.) Personally, I am dl not ab, and I am a raccoon furry, not babyfur, but oldfur (greymuzzle in the vernacular) in other words, a fur-with-a-fetish. So we both have some things that mark us as minorities. Most of us here do. We are all unique but as usual, some are more unique than others

    Not being understood by a spouse (or parent, priest, sibling etc.) is really really and sadly all too common. Lurleen Lumpkin sang: this on a Simpsons episode

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    Hello, babybou,

    sorry to hear that it seems to be nobody to know about your AB side... So, I hope ADISC will make your "AB side" much happier Anyway, playing minecraft? Do you have any other favourite games?

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    Hmm games I've played extensively but not right at the moment are perfect world international and Everest. Not really found many others that have held my interest for too long.

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