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Thread: How many of y'all are diapered up right now?

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    Default How many of y'all are diapered up right now?

    I'm sitting around at sum friends house all diapered up and it's comfortable too hehe

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    Do they know you're wearing?
    Are they wearing as we'll?

    And yes, I too am wearing.
    Peach attends, circa 2011

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    No they didn't know I was wearing one and I'm in a tena maxi

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    Padded in an Tena Slip as most every night. The brand changes often but the fact I'm wearing a diaper does not.

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    Just changed into a fresh cloth AIO with a booster and my new footies and ready for bed.

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    Currently wearing a Nite Pant (Kroger brand Goodnite)

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    Cloth seems to be popular tonight...
    I'm wearing my Blue Leopard print cloth AIO along with my zebra footies.

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