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Thread: Huggies Goodnights vs. White Cloud Sleep pants

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    Default Huggies Goodnights vs. White Cloud Sleep pants

    Which of these brands is the most effective? I already know they'll fit. I am 105 pounds and have a 27.5 inch waist. At home I normally use Pampers size 7 that I hold up with masking tape. However, I am going on a sleepover in a few weeks, and I just want to see what is preferred so I know what to buy.

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    Dang you small people and your ability to fit into small diapers/pull-ups!

    Anyway, I haven't tried the white cloud sleep pants, but goodnites are pretty much the go to pull-up for Adults who want childish designs with a reasonable pull-up that will fit and hold a wetting or two. Obviously there are better pull-ups for adults on the market, but you won't find any fun designs on them.

    I've tried a few generic brands, and personally I like the safeway brand because it reminds me of the old white goodnites. The save-mart brand sucks in my opinion... It has a brief style cut to it, so they're really small compared to other pull-ups. But they will hold a decent amount. Haven't tried any other pull-ups.

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    I think the goodnites hold more than the white cloud sleep pants. I find that I have more leaks in the white cloud sleep pants than in the goodnites. But that being said, I believe pampers underjams hold more than both of them so if you have those available to you I recommend those.

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    Goodnites are a better choice as the sides are more durable. I've tried the White Cloud Sleep Pants and the sides tend to degrade and break overtime.
    Hope this helps.

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    I've tried both goodnites and underjams growing up. The underjams definitely hold more, but don't come up nearly as high, so if your a tummy sleeper (like I am) be careful! I always preferred Goodnites, but they are more noisy, so if your friends don't know, make sure you are'nt wearing thin pj's or it will be a bit obvious.

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