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  • less than HS

    9 2.96%
  • HS Grad

    32 10.53%
  • 1 year College, No Degree

    32 10.53%
  • 2 year College, No Degree

    27 8.88%
  • 3 year College, No Degree

    20 6.58%
  • 4 year + College, No Degree

    9 2.96%
  • Associates Degree

    16 5.26%
  • Bachelors Degree

    85 27.96%
  • Masters Degree

    32 10.53%
  • Doctorate

    22 7.24%
  • 1 years trade school

    0 0%
  • 2 years trade school

    1 0.33%
  • 3 + years trade school

    3 0.99%
  • Trade school Grad

    7 2.30%
  • Other

    9 2.96%
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Thread: What is your level of Education

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    Default What is your level of Education

    I'm always curious of what kind of people we adult babies are. I think it would be interesting to have a poll to reflect our educational background, to maybe show how much our community effects society as adults.

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    Spent three years in college (trade school in Canada), dropped out twice. Good thing for entrepreneurial blood...
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    I'm at a Junior College getting my general ed out of the way so I can move on to a four-year. So I'm 2 semesters down after my last final on Thursday. About 3 more to go with this JC and then I'm outta town once all my money is saved up. It's going to be a long road to physical therapy.

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    High school, some college (about .6 years so far), technical school (1 year), and many government classes on emergency response.

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    2 and a half years in Culinary School without a degree, and now on my 2nd year of Music Business School, total of 4 years with no degree, one more year and I'll be done, but i'll probably keep going for another degree in sound engineering or something of the sort, assuming my music doesn't pick up by then :P

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    I gave college a try but struggled a lot and dropped out. Currently I'm educating myself in things that interest me the most, but I might give college another try in the future.

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    Hi all, being in the UK, I'm not familiar with the way your school system works, but it seems that you guys stay in school longer than here, we finish high school at 16, you can stay on for another 2 years and then go to university, myself I left at 17, have only had 5 jobs in 23 years, with 12 months out of work.

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    2 years of college, Computer Aided Drafting. Had a meltdown in my last semester that essentially cost me my degree. =/

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    In my first year of College with no degree. Studying to be a Software engineer with a presence in the Game Development Industry

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    I just wrapped up my first semester of uni. Currently I'm in the humanities program until I decide on something.

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