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Thread: Anyone hear about this diaper brand?

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    Default Anyone hear about this diaper brand?

    Hello fellow adisc folk , I was thinking yesterday about other ways to save on adult diapers, so I went to amazon like I usually do and found nothing within my budget . Then I searched craigslist for the first time in looking for diapers, besides seeing an ad for the cushies which are still outta my price range I found a brand called "Rely" . They seem like a good diaper but I don't know.

    Here is a link to there site I found: RelyŽ Protective Underwear - Large Adult

    Also has anybody used this brand before or is currently ? If so what would you rate it overall for the quality such as absorbtion, comfort, etc.

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    I haven't heard of it. It looks like the house brand of the IC company that bears it's name. Also haven't heard of the company.

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    I thought I mentioned I saw this brand on craigslist >.<
    Update: After I lil more research into that brand it turns out to be no more then a slight step up from the cheapest store brands like assurance . Another important factor is that I don't have my liecense yet so I would have to take the bus, which added over fifty bucks to pick it up !

    Instead I took a gamble and bought a brand by First Quaility called Nufit. The results are somewhat different then last time I ordered them: a lot less non compact padding, slightly better absorbancey and overall a lot smaller in size.

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