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Thread: Today I felt like a hero... but :(

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    Default Today I felt like a hero... but :(

    Hi all!

    Today I was travelling in the bus, standing adjacent to the middle exit. To clarify, here is a picture:

    Imagine that I'm standing *in front* of the middle door, but with my back against the front side of the bus leant on the handrail, so I'm making eye contact with all the people sitting normally; the bus was crowded. (if someone notices I'm explaining it awfully please correct me, thanks in advance)

    I was in my pink cloud, trying to take my mind off the terrible day I had had while browsing adisc in my phone, worried about a post I was afraid to be misunderstood.

    As you can see, I was stressed and with my mind put in many things simultaneously. Then, it happened.

    All af a sudden the bus stopped so violently that I saw how people tripped and some people even fell down, while the handrail acted as support for my back.
    But there was this girl (as tall as me, and she was pretty, I might add) starting a phone call when all this happened; but she was not holding nothing, so she became a missile towards the front of the bus. She turned her back to the front of the bus like me, but she was literally a projectile (after this event I mentally traced her path; she wouldn't reach the front of the bus, but surely would trip over someone and would fall flat on her back, so I might saved here a backache).

    I don't know how or why, but I extended my hand and grabbed her hand (I must admit that I almost crushed her hand in the rush), and with me hooked to the handrail everything ended there. The bus started to go again, there was no crash, and people recovered while talking about the mad driver of that other vehicle.

    Then this girl starts to tell me "thank you... thank you... oh god... thank you very much... thank you...".

    Now try to imagine this: Five seconds ago I was trying to figure out some issues from my job while re-reading this post on my phone... and suddenly a girl was giving me thanks... over and over again. I suddenly reacted and understood the whole situation. I asked her if she was fine, she answered positively; then thanked me again.

    So she looks at her phone (she was starting a call when all of this happened), and I hear:

    - Honey? You don't know what just happened to me...

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    I would have let her fall. I wouldn't want to become injured trying to help her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlisauce View Post
    Sorry but I don't understand why you are sad.
    He's sad because he hoped it would give him some.

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    I felt like a hero, there is no doubt about that. But it had a sort of tragicomic end, and that is why I posted: The way she thanked me led to believe that I suddenly had found someone... Later on, I realized that I'm not as fine (emotionally speaking) as I used to think...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigpa View Post
    I felt like a hero, there is no doubt about that. But it had a sort of tragicomic end, and that is why I posted: The way she thanked me led to believe that I suddenly had found someone... Later on, I realized that I'm not as fine (emotionally speaking) as I used to think...
    Still, you did the right thing.

    There's no need to feel bad. You can't expect to get something out of everything you do, and especially not immediately, AND especially not that what you thought perhaps ;), doesn't work that way. But you made her feel better in a way, like she's not something to be... dropped on the floor while people are just watching.

    Anyway, next time, just ask that person to hang out if you're interested. Who cares, does honey always has to be the SO? I don't think so and even if so... who knows.

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    I and I guess many guys have a hero complex. We believe we can save a life and get a beautiful woman out of it, just like Superman. I used to fantasize all the time when I was younger about saving a girl and her being so in debt, would marry me. You did the right thing. You were a hero and, as you said, may have saved her a nasty bump on her head or worse. As daLira said, "honey" doesn't necessarily mean SO. I've called our little nieces and nephews honey and sweetie as well as my wife. She may have been talking to a child as she might be a single mother. Don't be disappointed. Maybe next time you help someone it will have a different outcome. Maybe you will see her again some day. Could be the start of a good friendship and, as they say, birds of a feather...She might have an equally pretty sister or friend. Good job today bigpa!
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    No need to feel bad, you just had your instincts kick in to help another person. The only case in which you should feel bad is if you just let her projectile herself and do nothing. Anyway, props to you for helping that person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siege89 View Post
    I would have let her fall. I wouldn't want to become injured trying to help her.
    What a damn sad statement.

    I am sorry, but stuff like that makes me quite angry at people who talk like this....
    It's people like this who walk past someone on with a problem - don't help. People like this who walk past accidents and let someone die.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now to the OP

    You did the right thing: trying (successfully ) to help.

    Now to that other part... I'm sorry, but that is not how it works in reality... often times a "thank you" is what you will get - but I do firmly believe that if the "thank you" is honest and from the heart it is more than is needed.

    Finding someone to love and be loved, now that's a different topic.
    And I might say that there are no real tricks or rules to this one - but YOU can do a LOT to improve your own chances.
    As weird as it may be to some... girls are human too they have needs, emotions, desires... just like you.
    I know its kind of obvious to put it like this - but I feel it's important to realize you do not need to be a super hero, looking like a model, having the intellect of.... etc,... to meet someone, to find love and such.
    Oftentimes its our own far too serious fixations on WHO/HOW the possible partner should be - and with that we exclude probably every potential real partner, as they don't match the criteria in the headspace.
    Othertimes people are so convinced that they have nothing to offer - well and eventually that seeps through the "pores" like a bad perfume... it's not very attractive.
    At other moments people are so shy to just ask someone out for a drink, date... why? because they fear the feeling of rejection - which can happen (being rejected) for a thousand reasons, but if you don't try - then you have already "lost" (rejected yourself).
    Be openminded... and open for experiences, open to the world and you will most likely increase your chances by a good bit.
    good luck

    And again, no reason to feel sad - you can smile - that girl gets to get home, uninjured .... isn't that worth a lot?

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    This kind of reminds me of this Kurt Vonnegut quote. “Because we grew up surrounded by big dramatic story arcs in books and movies, we think our lives are supposed to be filled with huge ups and downs! So people pretend there is drama where there is none.”

    This sounds like you on the bus. This was supposed to be a huge up! Not like some little fly-by-night thing. This was supposed to end in wedding bells, like it always does in the movies. You saved a pretty girl from harm, so you should be rewarded with a Smooch of Victory. **Warning, TVTropes link, only click if next 4 days of your life are available** But that's not how things work in real life. In real life women have other interests and thoughts and desires. They aren't just there to make out with you when you've 'earned it' in some way.

    And another thing to keep in mind is that while you are the main character in your life, everyone else in the main character in their own lives. Everyone you meet is the hero of their own story. So she's not a blank slate that will be written upon only when you come into contact with her; she already had a story of her own, which included a significant other in this case.

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