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Thread: Powder, ointment, or both?

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    Default Powder, ointment, or both?

    I have been accustomed to wearing diapers at night for quite a while for bedwetting. I use a good quality brief that for me can last 8 hours plus, I used to just use a bit of powder to cut down on diaper sweat and clamminess. Having started to wear during daytime now I found out the hard way that powder alone isn't cutting it and ended up with a nasty rash and something that looks like elephant skin between my inner thighs. I couldn't take the pain and had to make an emergency run to Walmart.. the only place open at that hour and pick up a tube of desitin. Relief was almost instant desitin works well, but now for my question.. what do most IC people here use cream or powder or both to prevent rash? I have been using the desitin at every change since then and my rash is clearing up is it best to use this stuff at every change? Don't know if using both defeats the purpose of one or the other because the powder sticks to wherever the desitin is on my lower.. guess I will just use cream for now and maybe powder later for summer and heat. Any advice for a newbie? Thanks

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    You will find this depends on how active you are and what the weather is.
    In the winter I use only Desitin and then only where needed. This along with a dusting of powder on my bottom is usually enough.
    In the warm months I tend to use a lot more powder and a coating of cream.
    The trick to diaper rash is to keep clean and as dry as possible. Prevention, as you have found out is better than cure.
    If you can find a way air out every day. I spend at least an hour on a pad with no diaper every day.
    Hope everything clears up ok.

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    During the summer time I use Johnson & Johnson baby powder the cornstarch one. If I had a bad rash I will use A+D Treat Diaper Rash Cream. For some reason that one works really good on my skin. They also have a Prevent Diaper Rash Cream but that one did not work for me. The only thing that did prevent me from having another diaper rash was three things that work. One was a little Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly that work great on my skin. Second was JOHNSON'S Baby Lotion with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E this also work good. And third thing is after a used diaper try to change it quick if you can. It will help cut down on the diaper rashes. Oh and another thing that also work for me was the Huggies One & Done baby wipes cucumber and green tea scent. Sometimes I have those little tiny sap balls on my skin and it was always good to wipe those off.

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    In the morning after I get out of the shower and get ready for my first diaper of the day. I use Balmex diaper rash cream on my inner thighs and through my crotch. I also apply J&J cornstarch powder. Normally my first diaper
    is when I'm out and about and most active. The rest of my changes through the day and into my overnight diaper I use only the powder. I find this works best for me.

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    I have found that for me the likelihood of getting a diaper rash depends in large part on the brand of disposable I'm wearing. I'm much more likely to get a rash if I'm wearing a Bambino or Tena than if I'm wearing an Abena. So you might want to try different brands and see if you can find one that is less likely to produce a rash. Provided I'm wearing an Abena, all I generally need to prevent a rash is to clean myself thoroughly with baby wipes during each diaper change. Powder and ointments are not necessary for me.

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    You may find that ordinary Vaseline works well as a barrier cream when used as a preventative (and is much less expensive). Save the Desitin for when any rash problems first begin. Then try a more aggressive product such as Triple Butt Paste when you really have a bad rash.

    When you can , try to wash at each change.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jdinvirginia View Post

    You may find that ordinary Vaseline works well as a barrier cream when used as a preventative (and is much less expensive). Save the Desitin for when any rash problems first begin. Then try a more aggressive product such as Triple Butt Paste when you really have a bad rash.

    When you can , try to wash at each change.

    I never even gave that I thought. Thank you for the idea! I think I'll be using that starting…Tomorrow.

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    although not IC, when I've worn diapers for an extended time I use plenty of sudocream (here in UK), its like a barrier cream, saves getting a rash.

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    I usually just use liberal amounts of powder. When I'm padding up overnight or doubling up, I'll sometimes opt to use some ointment, depending on whether I've been wearing a lot recently. Basically if my skin feels at all irritated, I'll use extra precautions, and I virtually never get diaper rash.

    As for the powder AND the ointment, I've personally never tried. It would seem pointless to me, as far as I can figure you'd just be thickening whatever ointment you used with baby powder, and possibly creating some sort of caked-on mess to deal with later. From my personal experience and from reading above, I'd say stick to one or the other, bearing in mind you really can't be too careful when it comes to avoiding a rash.

    EDIT: I suppose you could effectively use both if you chose the locations strategically. (I.E. Cream on the leg cuffs or wherever irritation is worst, and then powder on the waistband area to prevent sweatyness/chafing.)

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    Surprisingly, the recommendation is to avoid the use of baby powder now, linked to UTI's, respiratory problems from inhaling the airborne particles, the possible link to Cervical Cancer (not confirmed from what I read), along with getting infection in skin tears and breakdown areas. Not absolutely sure on the accuracy of this but found info on multiple websites. The local hospital here banned it from the building, along with most of the rest in the area's hospitals, a barrier cream is sufficient to avoid any problems with rashes etc, that is what I have done for years and have very few outbreaks of rashes. Poke around and search info, it is interesting what you can find, but it is up to you.

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