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    Has anyone ever tried to make a makeshift like a proper diaper to every detail? (even buy some SAP for it)

    Here's my idea:
    Get a walmart bag and cut it as the shape of a diaper for plastic backing.

    Add many layers of toilet paper and maybe even get some SAP in the bottom, or put a shamwow somewhere in there.

    Around where the diaper would wrap around your thighs, add some small pads made of toilet paper so it is more comfortable.

    For the exterior use some duct tape with a colorful or cute design on it to decorate the diaper and tape it.

    A few finishing touches would be add more toilet paper pads on the eges for comfort or use colored sharpies to make your own brand name and/or logo.

    Post your idea for a high quality makeshift, forget about the cost for supplies unless it is outrageous. I challenge you to make your idea of a proper makeshift in real life before new years.

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    Or you could fold up a towel just like a cloth diaper, pin it up, then put some plastic pants (cut holes in a plastic bag for makeshift plastic pants) on over it. If using a plastic bag instead of plastic pants, make a pleated fold on each side to take in any excess and use tape to hold the fold in place.

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    i have done this when i was younger and this was the only option.
    You take a grocery bag and cut the handles evenly so you can tie them. then you cut the corners out slightly smaller then your legs. for filler you first lay out two paper towels then cover with several layers of toilet paper then cover with two more paper towels so you have a sandwich then you take two more paper towels set one on top of the other and then tri-fold them lengthwise this will be you soaker. set the first set of paper towels and toilet paper in the bag so it is lining the inside. then place the soaker in. at this point you can put your diaper on. once on you can use the handle that you cut as tie strings to keep it on.

    as far as the sap a make shift diaper is one of last resort and most people don't have S.A.P around the house.

    I'm interested to see if other people have used other materials and how they held up.

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    Long, long time ago I used to make them out of toilet paper. as my blader grew my skill at making them grew so they amazingly worked for me till I was able to get diapers, for a breef time between getting diapers and making them from toilet paper I used multi layerd underwear before starting a load of laundry when no one was home. then later(I still have) I made a cloth diaper from a towel and some hammer on snaps. Made it when I whent a few months without being able to buy.

    I'm not sure when first makeshift I made was had to be some where around 5-8.

    so no I havn't made a perfect diaper, but they worked.

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    Been there, done all that. My personal fave is a thick plastic shopping bag, cut down the seams and to length, with an uneven hourglass shape; about two inches in from the side, a sharp cut in at the front and a tapered back. Then get towels or toilet roll split down the side, and layer in the middle. You may also want to make gathers in the legs with duct tape to create a tapered diaper that won't leak. Then you simply tape it up. I need to post a 'how-to' on how to do it, they're brilliant and work just as well as brand-name diapers, are far more absorbent and bulky/crinkly than drynites/goodnites. Just not subtle, and impossible to explain/get out of quickly. Strictly for 'alone wear' or at night, don't go out wearing this... :P

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