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Thread: bladder test

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    Default bladder test

    i got to thinking. has anyone tried seeing how long they could hold it in befor you loose controll id be interested to try it if you allready have id like to know how long you made it

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    I really wouldn't do this if I were you. Urinary retention, voluntary or otherwise can cause a whole host of bladder and kidney problems, including infections.

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    On top of the health issues, I'd only want to try this in a diaper. The problem lies in the fact that something mental happens when I wear in that I can't hold it longer than like a half hour.

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    Wasn't there a competition -- "Hold your wee for a Wii", I think it called! Anyway, I think a women died after trying to hold it in for too long...

    Ah, yes -- here you go (sorry to link to this dreadful rag!):
    'Wee For Wii' water-drinking contest death: Jennifer Strange's family awarded £10m | Mail Online

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    I appreciate the link tiny but the lady actually didn't die because she held it too long. She died from water intoxication (it disturbs your electrolytes and your body can't function. Just thought i would clarify that.

    However ... holding your bladder isn't particularly a good thing. It can cause kidney damage due to the pressure eventually backing up to the kidneys. I guess if you did it as a once off thing it probably wouldn't be the worst thing in the world because there does come a point where your body forces you to go (that is if you are voluntarily holding it).

    The real problems come about when you have some sort of obstruction and your body is unable to let itself go as this can cause your bladder to distend to a point where it is unable to return to its normal size (something called atonic bladder)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeek61 View Post
    I guess if you did it as a once off thing it probably wouldn't be the worst thing in the world because there does come a point where your body forces you to go (that is if you are voluntarily holding it).
    Not for everyone. My bladder seems to operate on more of a fail-shut system. There were one or two instances in my life where I ended up having to hold it way too long, and my bladder basically locked up and I couldn't urinate despite my bladder being almost painful. Eventually I got it to let go, but it involved sitting on the toilet for several minutes and really concentrating on relaxing the correct set of muscles, and even then it was a very weak stream (at least until my bladder had emptied a bit and the pressure was off).

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    I'm utterly against it. I can spend many hours without emptying my bladder; I do not do this at will, I just don't feel the need to go, so when I reach the point when I (feel that I) need to go, I tend to spend an eternity peeing. I repeat-- I don't do this voluntarily, it just happens. Now, there's a catch: I was born with a medical condition named "ureter reflux" (I don't know if I translated it well: in spanish it is said "reflujo de uréteres" or "reflujo de uréter". It means that the urine comes back its way to the kidney through the ureter, exposing me to an infection (although that is an extreme condition, because much before that this risk becomes a danger, it gives me an unbearable pain in my lower back, that lasts as much as I'm peeing and the urine goes again its way towards the urethra) and could lead to a kidney malfunction, and ultimately, a complete shutdown, forcing me to need a transplantation.

    So, my condition may be triggered when you hold your pee for a long time. DON'T DO IT. Don't even think in the major consequences; think in a pain that blocks your ability to think.

    You were warned.

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    No; just don't do this. This is a terrible idea.

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    I thought I'd try this on a few occasions. Usually results in being more or less miserable and painfully urgent until going. The feeling of relief is enormous, but nowhere near worth the effort. Don't do it.

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    I had a water chugging contest with my friend once and the both of us finished a 1.5litre bottle each. After that I decided to board the bus to another location without visiting the toilet. About 1/4 way through the journey(about 10mins) I couldn't hold it in any longer and alighted to look for a toilet. Close call. Almost wet my pants. Won't do it again.

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