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Thread: Good places in Second Life?

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    Question Good places in Second Life?

    I haven't been on SL in a long while, and was wondering if any diaperfur/cub sims were still around. I remember there being some before, but I can't really find any now.

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    Pretty much most/all the good cub places are gone... some are trying to make a resurgence, but time will tell.

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    I have found a decently populated place called "misfits cubs". Anyone who still goes on Second Life should check it out.

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    I lost my SL home when Pup island went away. =U.U=
    I even had a squirrel roomate who lived in the attic. =^.^=

    The Furnation community isn't babyfur orientated, but they are babyfur friendly.


    When I'm online, I'm often in their sandbox

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    I ended up just buying my own plot, since I can't find anywhere I can hang out. :/

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