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Thread: My Ultimate Cloth Diaper Recipe!

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    Default My Ultimate Cloth Diaper Recipe!

    Ultimate Cloth Diaper Recipe


    2 handfuls Johnson's Baby Soap (No More Tears!)
    1 SHARP razor
    5 or 6 handfuls Johnson's Baby Lotion
    Johnson's Baby Powder (to taste)
    2 Changing Times InControl Cloth pre-fold diapers
    4 Dritz Diaper pins
    5 6-month pre-fold baby diapers
    1 pair Gary InControl 7mm ComfortSnap Snap-On Plastic Pants
    1 Baby Pants Onesie

    Prepare diaper:
    Spread pants on changing pad. Layer outer diaper on top, and fold in baby diapers in front/crotch for stuffer. Lay in inner diaper.

    Gently wash baby in warm water with baby soap. Carefully shave smooth. Gently pat dry and smother with lotion. Season bottom generously with powder.

    Lay baby in pre-prepared diaper. Season front generously with powder. Pull inner diaper TIGHT around waist and carefully pin secure. Repeat for outer diaper. Pull-up front of pants and snap into place. Garnish with onesie and pretty socks/slippers. Serves one, but can be shared with a friend!

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