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Thread: Am I the only one who does this?

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    Default Am I the only one who does this?

    Sometimes I like to take a shower in a diaper and one time I took a bath in a diaper.

    I also like to stick the faucet in my diaper and fill my diaper with warm water

    If anyone also does any of these things (or you have other fun things to do with diapers) please say so.

    - doctorwalrus

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    The shower or bath I would say no it can become messy or clog drains. But i bet most everyone has enjoyed some warm water in the diaper.

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    I've worn a diaper in the tub, it was very large after that =D
    It was a goodnite, I completely soaked one the other day and it leaked and it wasn't nearly as large as the time in the tub, So I think they have gotten smaller.
    It wasnt a bad cleanup, only a little sap fell out and unto the drain, I flushed the rest.
    I'll wear and clean my plastic pants and have them fill with like 4 gallons of water in the shower =D

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    I've showered in a diaper on occasion. It's always seemed like a good way to be rid of one under circumstances such as wearing it to bed and then waking up in the morning without actually having been able to use it.

    It's definitely pretty cool how much the SAP can absorb when you don't care about it leaking or pressing out if you sit down. It can also be rather interesting to put some soap in it and/or do it with a diaper that's a size too big or taped kind of loose.

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    Isn't the diaper supposed to explode because of the size of SAP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigpa View Post
    Isn't the diaper supposed to explode because of the size of SAP?
    Well it doesn't really explode so much as you have a chance of the seam at the to of the diaper breaking open and some of the sap falling out, well that's with goodnites I don't know about any other brands.

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    i have done this in the shower b4, it was fun. the sap usually does end up coming out one way or another.

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    I have done it twice and I like it. I like the nice squishy feel. But I don't do it anymore. I don't like to waste my diapers. I need my diapers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigpa View Post
    Isn't the diaper supposed to explode because of the size of SAP?
    Over the last several years I've done it with molicare, abena (plastic backed and pullups), dry24/7, depends, and tena.

    Of those, a depend "exploded" upon impacting the tub after a sudden and catastrophic tape failure caused by the load of water in it. The only other times SAP leaked was because I squished around in it too much and basically forced the SAP out through a seam. It doesn't do that under "normal" conditions (at the worst it clumps a bit), but when it's basically turned into an aqueous solution it develops a tendency to flow into the crevices left by the seams and then force them open under hydraulic pressure.

    TL;DR: when exposed to a shower or bath, the SAP will likely stay in the diaper unless provoked. Just don't sit on it and it should be fine.

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