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Thread: Sleepers at Walmart

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    Default Sleepers at Walmart

    Thought I'd let you all know that if there's a Walmart in your area, they are selling adorable footed sleepers for 10$!!! I bought a few and they're super comfy and fit great, though the majority of them are girly designs, they have a few solid color ones. Don't know if this is everywhere but if Walmart is consistent with its prices and items regardless of location, this should be everywhere, considering especially that the rest of the US is freezing itself while I sit in Miami dying of heat and yet they are still selling these semi-fleece sleepers lol

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    Do you know if they are selling XXL womens size? I'm a XL in mens, but usually there is a size difference.

    Update: I can fit into a XL womens size 2 piece PJ set, but for a footed sleeper I would need bigger.

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    I bought a womens L, blue with ducklings at k-mart. It's not too girly, I think blue and ducklings are neutral-ish don't you? let me know if that's your assesment too because if my parents find me in it I don't want them to think it's girly.
    They had one blue with mickey mouse face on it on their website but I looked and looked around in the store I couldn't find it =(
    I haven't tried it on yet but 99% sure it will be great fit - as a boys 14/16(L) I found at target was a tad too small.

    I haven't tried walmart's selection yet though, But they don't have a great selection listed on their website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tridim View Post
    Do you know if they are selling XXL womens size? I'm a XL in mens, but usually there is a size difference.

    Update: I can fit into a XL womens size 2 piece PJ set, but for a footed sleeper I would need bigger.
    They have up to XXL, and the sizes run pretty big. For a bit of reference, I bought an XL and I'm 6'1", and it fit perfectly, with just enough room for a thick diaper. And compared to a red one that I bought at target once that was XXL, it STILL not big enough, the sizes at Walmart run big while the sizes are target run small, I've never bought from Kmart before though, been wanting to since I heard they have hello kitty sleepers

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    They have them at Canadian Wal-Marts too. And at a few other department stores - they seem to be the big craze this year! Not just that, but even some of the "adult" onesies have prints on them that I could totally regress in. Man, it's a good time to be an AB!

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    They had them here to, but they sold out in about 3 days, but I did snag 2

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    Found these on the Canadian website. Nearly perfect, save for the hearts and the lack of a full length zipper. And that zipper tab!

    Shame it doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ladies' Disney Footed Onesie featuring Winnie the Pooh |

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    I did get the Disney Princess XL (14-16), no Tinkerbell left...they were around $13 USD at Wally-World last week... they seem to run a tad smaller in the feet, as the Circo ones that Target carried in the same size a few years ago... which fit me perfect, and I got on sale for $9.99... Apparently Target isn't carrying the XL (boys or Girls) now back to Cherokee brand, anymore...

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    I am 6'6" tall and weigh about 250 pounds you think they are selling sleepers big enough for me?

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