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    Hi everyone I have a bit of a bladder control problem at night and have been wearing tena pull ups every night but after every week and a half I have to get more which is quite expensive. So does anyone know of a good nappy/diaper or a pull up would be better that is not to expensive that you get quite a few in a pack and that are absorbent, probably impossible to find but thought I would ask

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    betabike how about huggies drynites they work ok and don't cost as much as adult pull up's. Or have you thought about a all in one nappy ie reusable that would max out cutting cost 4 sure i guess some think like this All in one velcro fastening adult baby nappies or diapers ABDL . Hope you are well my friend Super Hugs . Leo

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    Hey littleleo thanks for the suggestions iv tried drynites and they work ok but I can't wear them next to the gf she doesn't know about my ab side but is really supportive of my bed wetting and doesn't worry about it, hopefully it won't be for ever. I haven't tried a Velcro all in one in the long run that would be the cheapest just difficult washing it and drying it discreetly have you tried one before?

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    Nope not had one before but was thinking about getting one as i love wearing pampers 6+ but they don't give that nice think padded feeling so i thought about getting one of these to make up for the lack of padding + i'm looking to cut the cost of adult nappies as well. So i might go ahead and get one of these to try.

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    hmmmm might have to go ahead and join you. I find the pull ups comfortable and would prefer to wear them as in the morning i can dispose of them easily and they are very reliable, but if i have a bad week it can be expensive. If you get one let me know what you think of them

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    Will do my friend im sure someone here will jump in and tell you what there like. But yup be sure to let you know

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