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Thread: Diapers in Gaming

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    Cool Diapers in Gaming

    I recently found my DS lite and along with it, animal crossing: wild world. The game has brought tons of nostalgia but I decided to make a new game and start from the beginning. I named my character 'Jonny DL' and named the town 'ADISC', I'm filling the game with diaper related content and it has become a lot better that way.

    Has anyone else used diapers within video games? If you have, how did you?

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    Well, not much of a gamer, but when I would occasionally run the full length simulation of F1 racing games, I must admit that the diaper is better than pausing the race after lap 32 and losing the momentum ;-)

    Diapers are great anywhere anytime. Almost.

    Have fun!

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    I used several babyish names before in online games, but that's it other then when The sims came out I designed a diaper for my older character.

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    I haven't used them in gaming but in yakuza 3 (I think it's 3 but it could be one of the others) there is a side missions where you go into a club and you end up stumbling into this area with aloud of grown men in diapers being Brest fed. You then end up in a fight and have to fight about 20 guys in nothing but bibs and diapers in the middle of the street

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    I dont name characters in games with dl, but sometimes lion related since im a fur /therian. Since I wear 24/7 , diapers are great when im playing GTA 5 for a few hrs

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    I've never created a character like that, but in Jak 3 there is a cheat where one of the characters wears a bulky diaper with a huge pin!

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    I'm not a gamer at fact gave my Xbox to my ex's kid...

    Anyhow, what's with these secret cheats and diapers...seems a bit odd!

    I also haven written a video game in 20 years...but,I would assume these cheats have to be pre programmed into the game...

    I know we had "codes" to skip around complicated games to allow us to debug areas without needing to get to that level first...but we tried to remove all them for production...

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    In Little Big Planet 2 I dressed my sackboy up in a diaper and pacifier.

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    I've noticed a few instances myself that involved diapers while playing games.

    1. In the game BMX XXX when you're creating your character (either male or female) one of the choices for clothing you can wear is a diaper. I have to say the first time I saw that I was sooo surprised that it was included in a BMX game. So after finding out about that I created a character on there wearing the diaper. How could I not, right.

    2. This was a one-time account for me in Saint's Row (not sure which game in the series either 1 or 2) but when I would run around and steal a person's car with someone in it I would drive around with them for the time I needed so I could get money. The time ran out and when the girl was getting out of the car (after I got the money) she said something along the lines of "I was going to use that money to buy diapers." When I heard that I almost could not believe it and then I would go around and jack other peoples cars just to see if I could get that line again. Sadly to say it didn't happen again, but I was glad to have at least gotten it that one time.

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