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    Cool Android!

    Hey guys! Been a while.
    Anywho, I'm getting a galaxy s4 for christmas, I just HATE how locked you are on IOS. Thats not the only reason though, IOS7 ruined my iphone 4, the software runs so badly, the keyboard lags, it freezes, the homescreen doesnt slide, ect.
    I was wondering has anyone done the same thing switching? Also, is rooting your phone pretty much like jailbreaking, or can you do more without rooting it then you can on an iphone with jailbreaking?

    Let me know, even things like dislikes about android or something that you really really like.

    Oh one more thing, please dont let me know if their is anything wrong with the phone, (the phone, not the software) its not that I don't want to listen its just that i'd become really down about it considering i've already paid the half I said i'd put in.


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    Well, GS4 software does suck to be honest. Thats the TouchWiz UI. Recently there have been updates that supposedly made it better, but in reality did nothing more than give the extra 'features' of catching fire in the middle of the night, and draining your battery ridiculously fast, but you can easily get around that with a custom ROM. It will give you a vanilla Android experience and unlock the full potential of such a phone.

    Rooting really isn't necessary for general use of a phone, but its something nice to do, and will be needed for the custom ROM as mentioned above. Its easier to do than it is to jailbreak an iPhone in most cases so no worries with that.

    I also suggest you download SwiftKey keyboard. The keys are much larger than the standard Android keyboard, and the predictions are almost magic. It learns how you type so after about a week of use it will know exactly what you are going to type. Even if you totally miss out a couple of letters in a word it usually still knows what you were trying to type.

    Anyway, if you're wanting to go down the route of rooting or installing custom ROMs, just PM me once you get it and I'll give you help if you need it.

    (I know you said you didn't want to hear anything bad about the phone, but the screens on there aren't the strongest of things in the world. Take extra care of your new phone, and buy a good quality case and screen protector for it. I've lost count how many S4's have been returned for that reason, and being unable to give any sort of help because the screen isn't covered by warranty. Definitely the most returned item, and biggest reason for return by far)

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    thankyou for your help! and yes dont worry ill definitely look after the screen, ive got an iphone 4 which ive had for 3 years and ive cracked the corner because it slipped out of my trackies from like 2 cm (legit) but ive always babied my phones. i love how you put it in little writing haha

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